Steamed Rice

I always wondered how the Chinese make their rice so good, light, not to dry, not to moist and without a rice cooker? Be low is how to make steamed rice. Prep time 5 minutes Cooking Time 20 minutes Ingredients (serves 3) 1.5 cups … [Continue reading]

Chicken Stir fry

Ok Dads, this is a bit of a favorite, everyone needs a good chicken stir fry in the recipe book. The kids will love this meal, as its a simple kids meal that gets eaten. Ingredients (serves 4) 1 tbs olive oil 500g chicken breast fillets, cut … [Continue reading]

Easter Dads

Calling all Easter Dads, OK it’s time to buy your eggs and continue the tradition of the Easter Egg hunt on good Friday.  The egg hunt is a game during which real hard-boiled painted eggs or chocolate eggs (most kids favorite) of various sizes are … [Continue reading]

Dads returning home from the military

An emotional look at the reactions of children when they are surprised by their dad returning home from service in the military. … [Continue reading]

Ten way to ensure your child feels secure and loved

You could not imagine how much importance your child puts on your promises i.e. when you said you would buy them that special gift, when you promised you would be there for them, there are times they know its boring for you but in the end it makes … [Continue reading]

Parenting Plan (happy plan)

Many children worry about what will happen to them when their parents split up, and it can be a big relief to them if the arrangements become clear and predictable early on.  Working out a parenting plan as early and as quickly as possible serves … [Continue reading]

Separated dads have feelings too

When we separate we can feel a sense that we have lost our position in the family.  Dont forget that you are still your children's father,  even though you do not live with them. You must maintain a mindset and make it clear in your children's mind … [Continue reading]

Reconnecting after absence

Reconnecting after absence I found sometimes tricky, all I wanted was to pick up my daughter and start the weekend exactly where we left off (a fortnight ago) I was excited! On occasion this was possible,  depending on what age she was at there … [Continue reading]

Work life balance

Depending on your access agreement it can be difficult developing a career, I was a every second weekend dad the first time round and although it came with all the emotional losses it enabled me to devote time into my career.  Now that I find myself … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Crackles

A Dads favourite and your child's too! Makes 20 small crackles   Ingredients 200g Mars bars, chopped 2 tbs thin cream 2 tsp cocoa powder, sifted 3 cups Rice Bubbles Method Place the Mars bars, thin cream and cocoa in a heatproof … [Continue reading]

Fruit kebabs

Hey dads, this is a fun way to serve up fruit for the kids, a dipping bowl of yoghurt on the side is also a favorite to have. Ingredients 1 rockmelon, peeled A bunch of grapes 1 or 2  punnets of strawberries 1 honeydew melon, peeled 1/2 … [Continue reading]


Ingredients: 1 cup self raising flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 egg Milk 2 Banana's (or any fruit you and your children like. Maple Syrup Method: Sift flour and sugar into mixing bowl Add egg and approx 1/4 cup of milk and stir Continue to add milk … [Continue reading]