Instant gratification

A friend of Dads Online named Tony has been kind enough to send in a parenting tip that has worked wonders in his home. read his tip below… “As a father of two teenagers and one 12 year old I’ve battled (as we all do) with the pocket money and chores conundrum. All kids love […]

Equality Vs Power and Control

There has been so much effort over the last few years in trying to curb men’s behavior when it comes to violence in the home. There will be much more work done in this area and anyone that thinks that using violence is ok should think again. I have always wondered want benefits are there […]

When you just cant be there!

If you’re separated or divorced and don’t have a good access arrangement, this might help you stay better connected. Missing your child and feeling like they’re missing out on you is a heavy weight to carry.  Kids are resilient and I found that if they are loved and cared for at both houses then they […]

xox when they need rescuing

I recently read an article about having an TEXT word if your children are ever in a spot they feel that they can’t get out off and need “rescuing”. The article was very good but the plan they were using was called the X Plan. The idea was to send an “X” if they needed an […]

Encouraging your kids to keep a journal

Keeping a diary is something of a dying art among the youth of today. Social media posts have largely replaced the angsty diary entries scribbled out by teenagers of times gone by. This is a great shame, as journaling can be very good for kids. Here are a few of the benefits of journaling for […]

The top pain points of separation

There are so many individual things that cause pain after separation.  It sometimes feels like your stuck on a emotional roller coaster. I’ve talked before about ways to “SELF CARE” during these years, but when I think about what it is that causes the downs, there is a top 4 that seems to be ongoing […]

It’s a fact that everyone loves babies that is as long as it’s not theirs.

Babies may look like little bundles of happiness but that’s as long as they don’t throw a tantrum or wake you up in the middle of the night every day, testing your patience to the very limits. Here we have noted down some of the pros and cons of having a baby which you can […]

Want your house to smell amazing?

Who has sweaty gym gear hanging around waiting to be washed, work boots, shoes, school bags, dogs, cats, rabbits, last nights stale food, yesterday beer smells, smelly drain or all of the above, then this video is for you… Its a good project to get the kids involved in. Let us know if you have […]

Getting your child into the active habit of completing their homework

It can often be a struggle to encourage your child to complete a set amount of time of homework and revision hours weekly, as it often feels like a fight over control. You feel as a parent you should be guiding them to sit down and study whereas they feel they are now needing independence […]

Become great at parenting

I remember when I first separated, I didn’t have all the parenting skills needed to be a great parent.  I felt I needed to put some time and focus into learning a few things.  I also had the issues of a busy career which became in someways second place to my new role as a […]

Why are you being so rude to me…I dont know?

I’m learning very quickly about moody teenagers and trying to be tolerant, but I want to jump in a time machine and go forward 10 years because this is hell! It seems like I cannot do or say anything that is right and any advise or solutions given feels like a lecture to them. I understand that there […]

Will your teen choose to take drugs or alcohol?

At some point during their teenage years, almost all young adults will be given the opportunity to try drugs or alcohol. Some teens will resist the opportunity that is presented to them, whilst others will be unable to give in to temptation: The problem is though, that for children with addictive tendencies, what was intended […]