Dads Carpool Karaoke

  As I prepare for a 5 hour drive to our Christmas holiday destination I started to think about how we could make the journey a little more entertaining & fun. This years holiday destination we have not been to before – we hired a caravan and purchased a tent for my daughter and her friend. Its […]

Useful car apps for family car trips

Summertime in Australia means a few things: Sun, surf, fresh seafood, oh and the great Aussie road trip. Nothing screams summer vacation like packing your entire family, the dog and virtually everything but the kitchen sink into the back of your family car (which you wish was a Jaguar F-Type Coupe ) to escape the […]

My family travel experience as a sole parent

Travelling for me (as a sole parent) has been something that has provided an enormous amount of pleasure for my daughter and I. We can now share memories and life experiences across a myriad of destinations. Together we have travelled to Bali, Thailand, Fiji , Perth as well as many local destinations like Hamilton Island, […]

More to learn from Bali than just sitting by the pool

Travelling with my daughter  to a destination such as Bali has been wonderful to relax and spend quality time together away from the stresses of every day life. Although Bali has beautiful hotels and resorts that cater specifically for people who want to sit by the pool or find a tranquil spot on a day […]

Travelling with children: on a road trip

Anyone with young children will know that whilst holidays are a fantastic opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ and spend quality time together.  Sometimes the stress of the journey to get there can make you question whether it’s worth all the effort! Car journeys become arduous tasks filled with cries of ‘are we nearly […]