Pancakes with banana and maple syrup

On those mornings that your wondering what to cook for the kids? or just want something different to make. Try this easy pancake recipe (better than the packet mix) kids can even help. The first time i tried I ruined a couple but then found out that its normal until the pan gets an even […]

Dads Cafe Breakfast Menu

This is what breakfast looked like at our house this morning. Every now and then using an A4 piece of paper I draw up a menu similar to the ones we get in a cafe and we all get to order what we would like to eat. It’s a bit of fun as kids love […]

A Banana Smoothie Idea

A smoothie that the kids will love, you can be creative by purchasing some decorative glasses and making it look like a smoothie you would get from a resort. Kids always appreciate the effort. A deliciously healthy way to start the day, this smoothie is full of bananas, honey, with just a hint of cinnamon […]

Fruit and Honey Yoghurt

This is a winner for both adults and children, Summer or winter favorite. There are so many different styles of yoghurt on the shelf, just choose the one you and your kids like and enjoy.   Ingredients strawberries, hulled and quartered bananas, peeled, sliced watermelon, chopped apple, chopped light plain Greek-style yoghurt 1 tablespoon honey […]

Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothies are a great tasting drink and can help provide the necessary energy to kick start the day. This is a Dad 101 recipe that you need to be good at 🙂 Awesome for a snack anytime or breakfast… Ingredients (serves 2) 2 ripe chopped bananas 2 cup skim milk 3-4 scoops vanilla ice-cream […]

Boiled Egg Soldiers

Who remembers these? They are still a great way to serve up an egg for breakfast. Have fun 🙂 Ingredients (serves 1) 1 free-range egg 1 slice of buttered toast, crusts removed, cut into fingers Method Place the egg in a saucepan and add enough cold water to cover.  Place over a high heat on […]

Scrambled Eggs

Eggs of all shapes and recipes can be used to create a scrumptious dish your yourself, friends or kids. Ingredients (serves 2) 4 eggs 1/4 cup pure cream 10g (tablespoon) butter Buttered toast Method Better to use a non-stick frypan Whisk eggs and cream together in a bowl until combined. Season with salt and pepper. […]


Ingredients: 1 cup self raising flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 egg Milk 2 Banana’s (or any fruit you and your children like. Maple Syrup Method: Sift flour and sugar into mixing bowl Add egg and approx 1/4 cup of milk and stir Continue to add milk until mixture is smooth (no lumps) and desired consistency […]