Poll: What do you want to know?

Dads Online is about to turn 5. Since the beginning we have written about many topics. I remember the early days we were all about: connecting with your children after absence, When you just cant be there, Parenting plans, Dads have feelings too, ways to make your child feel secure, What to say to the […]

How to entertain the kids (cheaply) during the winter school holidays

top twelve tips from the nannies School holidays often provide an excellent opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their children… nevertheless everyone can also go a little stir-crazy! With their years of experience in entertaining children all day, the nannies (in-home childcarers) at Government-approved agency Placement Solutions have put together their top twelve […]

3 Animated films that your kids will love

Ah, the holidays. I remember when I used to look forward to the final toll of the school year, a piercing buzz that permeated every hall, vibrating in my head as I flew out of the gates. Freedom. As my niece dives into my movie collection, and fires up my LG Blu Ray I am […]

The Super Dad’s guide to a healthy kids birthday party

              Kids birthday parties can sometimes end with belly aches, nausea and sugar lows that are not much fun for anyone involved. Try to avoid sending home the neighborhood children with these symptoms by following our healthy party tips! Don’t bring all of the food out at once Lollies […]