A lunchbox to satisfy Dad and the kids

Its not the first time I have posted on putting together a healthy School lunch box but this is also my lunch box. When I make the school lunch I also make a duplicate for me 🙂 Fresh fruit is always a winner and I love this time of year. The better fruits are now […]

Banana and peanut butter sandwich

Ingredients (serves 1) 2 slices of your favourite bread 1 tbs peanut butter 1 banana, sliced 2 tsp honey This snack is universal, breakfast or lunch 🙂 Came across it in a cafe in St Kilda Melbourne the other day, so simple and delish! Method Spread 1 slice of bread with 1 tbs peanut butter. […]

Can a good bowl of soup be better than sex?

I reckon it can be 🙂 Well at least this soup is – Cauliflower & Zucchini Soup Why not have both on a cold winters night, sex and soup and you will be the happiest man in town. 🙂 I got onto this recipe when I stayed at the Golden Door retreat, every time I […]

Golden Door Muffins

I now know what indiscriminate exercise means 🙂 When I visited the Golden Door in the Brisbane hinterlands for a Dads 5 day health and wellbeing stay. I was allocated cabin 16 which was wonderful but it was located close to the top of the highest hill, each day after lunch or dinner I would venture back up this hill which in itself […]

Pancakes with banana and maple syrup

On those mornings that your wondering what to cook for the kids? or just want something different to make. Try this easy pancake recipe (better than the packet mix) kids can even help. The first time i tried I ruined a couple but then found out that its normal until the pan gets an even […]

3 recipes to make with the kids

They say that watching your parents cook is one of the strongest memories a child can have and cooking as a family is one of the few ways everyone can come together. If food was a big part of your household growing up, you would always remember arriving home from school to the rich aroma […]

A Banana Smoothie Idea

A smoothie that the kids will love, you can be creative by purchasing some decorative glasses and making it look like a smoothie you would get from a resort. Kids always appreciate the effort. A deliciously healthy way to start the day, this smoothie is full of bananas, honey, with just a hint of cinnamon […]

Party Sausage Rolls

Grab the kids to help you in the kitchen and make these yummy sausage rolls. There is nothing better than cooking with kids, its so much fun 🙂 Makes 24 Ingredients 500g sausage mince 2 tablespoons tomato sauce 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce 3/4 cup fresh breadcrumbs 2 teaspoons mustard powder 1 small brown onion, grated […]

Fruit and Honey Yoghurt

This is a winner for both adults and children, Summer or winter favorite. There are so many different styles of yoghurt on the shelf, just choose the one you and your kids like and enjoy.   Ingredients strawberries, hulled and quartered bananas, peeled, sliced watermelon, chopped apple, chopped light plain Greek-style yoghurt 1 tablespoon honey […]

Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothies are a great tasting drink and can help provide the necessary energy to kick start the day. This is a Dad 101 recipe that you need to be good at 🙂 Awesome for a snack anytime or breakfast… Ingredients (serves 2) 2 ripe chopped bananas 2 cup skim milk 3-4 scoops vanilla ice-cream […]

Scrambled Eggs

Eggs of all shapes and recipes can be used to create a scrumptious dish your yourself, friends or kids. Ingredients (serves 2) 4 eggs 1/4 cup pure cream 10g (tablespoon) butter Buttered toast Method Better to use a non-stick frypan Whisk eggs and cream together in a bowl until combined. Season with salt and pepper. […]

Toasted ham sandwich – in the frypan

This doesn’t sound a biggy but the difference you get in taste between a toaster and a fry-plan is huge, try your toasties out in the pan and you will never go back 🙂 Ingredients Serves 1 or 2 50g butter, 2 teaspoons 4 thick slices white bread 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard (optional) 100g thinly […]