Equality Vs Power and Control

There has been so much effort over the last few years in trying to curb men’s behavior when it comes to violence in the home. There will be much more work done in this area and anyone that thinks that using violence is ok should think again. I have always wondered want benefits are there […]

xox when they need rescuing

I recently read an article about having an sms word if your children are ever in a spot they feel that they can’t get out off and need “rescuing”. The article was very good but the plan they were using was called the X Plan. The idea was to send an “X” if they needed […]

The importance of encouraging good oral hygiene at both homes

When kids have two homes their regular routines can often go out the window; one parent may well be more likely to allow more TV time than the other, for example, or prefer eating out to cooking at home. However one routine that it’s important doesn’t get lost during the change-over process is teeth cleaning […]

A must watch: Simon Sinek – Millennials in the work place

We live in a world that is consumed by technology and social media. Relationships suffer, work and our ability to cope with everyday stresses are tough for our children. Children born post 1982 have been brought up in a new and potentially damaging era, a time never seen by their parents. Mr Simon Sinek talks about how we […]

Can Richie be a good step dad?

In short, yes and no? I hope Richie realises the importance of the decision he has made. It has been all glitz and glamour for the Bachelor and lets face it, its not real world! It’s pretty easy to fall in love when you have 22 women literally throwing them-self at you and you are […]

Since when are Dads not apart of a safety network?

Thanks to one of our active Dads that came across this poster and instantly felt uncomfortable with the underlying message being told to children. It was sent home with the kids from their school in Melbourne. The children were being taught “body safety” (great initiative) that if they feel uncomfortable, frightened, scared or nervous about […]

Are we spoiling our kids’ with too much sugar?

We love to spoil our kids, and often sugar is used as a reward when they’re behaving well. Sugar is used in many foods to make them taste better. It’s contained in everything from the obvious, such as soft drinks, biscuits, lollies, and cakes, to the less obvious, such as bread, condiments, crackers, and even […]

Why it is important to know your children’s friends

One of the best possible ways to influence healthy friendships for your child is to be aware of and involved in them. There is a fine line between being involved and being nosy, you need to make sure not to overstep those boundaries and make your child feel as if their privacy is being disturbed. […]

Become great at parenting

I remember when I first separated, I didn’t have all the parenting skills needed to be a great parent.  I felt I needed to put some time and focus into learning a few things.  I also had the issues of a busy career which became in someways second place to my new role as a […]

Why are you being so rude to me…I dont know?

I’m learning very quickly about moody teenagers and trying to be tolerant, but I want to jump in a time machine and go forward 10 years because this is hell! It seems like I cannot do or say anything that is right and any advise or solutions given feels like a lecture to them. I understand that there […]

How to solve family disputes

Everyday we are trying to balance work, home, blended families and health. Our family issues are often left unattended, they can simmer for years and spiral out of control and be that ugly elephant in the room. Working out family problems are not as hard as some would think? There are some intentional efforts you […]

A Date with Dad

The power of a “Date with Dad” is all about “being there” and spending time talking with your kids,  it is so profoundly meaningful that we often miss it.  Kids thrive when their dads take the time to be 100% present and are available to them.  A regular, “Date with Dad” with each of your […]