Poll: What do you want to know?

Dads Online is about to turn 5. Since the beginning we have written about many topics. I remember the early days we were all about: connecting with your children after absence, When you just cant be there, Parenting plans, Dads have feelings too, ways to make your child feel secure, What to say to the […]

Dads Carpool Karaoke

  As I prepare for a 5 hour drive to our Christmas holiday destination I started to think about how we could make the journey a little more entertaining & fun. This years holiday destination we have not been to before – we hired a caravan and purchased a tent for my daughter and her friend. Its […]

AFL Season 2016

Regardless of who you barrack for there would generally always be a game in any of the capital city stadiums between 24th March to 28th August. Why not pack some food and drinks and take you daughter or son and enjoy a game of footy, remember you don’t have to stay for the whole game? […]

Clip N Climb Melbourne

Nothing better than finding a good idea just became great! Well that is exactly what has happened to Indoor Rock Climbing. Move over because Clip N Climb has arrived and its  great fun 🙂 I went along with my daughter on a Saturday morning and we were happily surprised to find an indoor venue that […]

Move over Ricciardo Dads are in the F1 Simulator

Daniel Ricciardo has been sidelined whilst Dads & Grandads take to the seats in the new F1 simulators at Motionators facility in Docklands Melbourne. Last week we took the ride of our lives with full motion switched to ON. The F1’s can be programmed to any race track in the world, so if you wanted […]

Great Dad moments captured

You see them everywhere, Dads spending quality time with their kids. Nothing new in this (for the lucky ones) but when you capture the picture, its then you freeze the moment and see the enjoyment, the value, the connection that we get from making our kids a priority. Nothing can replace the quality time spent […]

I’ve never met a child who doesn’t wish they could fly

And now they can! I had the pleasure of visiting iFly DownUnder in Penrith, NSW last week and wow! What an experience! Whether it is for Father’s Day, Christmas or your birthday, I’d be putting iFly on your wish list. iFly is a state of the art indoor skydiving facility that caters for all ages, […]

STRIKE at anytime

Whether its school holidays or you’re just looking for something to do with the kids, don’t look past Strike Bowling. Recently I visited Strike with my daughter and a couple of her friends. We played a game of bowls, had lunch and then played Laser skirmish… they had so much fun 🙂 and the girls […]

Watching The Footy: What to do when the boys come around

The boys are coming over. What results is a football frenzy that may, or may not involve drinking, eating and possibly a little bit of raucous behaviour. When your team loses it could spoil the day but if you follow these tips, regardless of the results, you’ll always be a winner.   Food You want […]

How to entertain the kids (cheaply) during the winter school holidays

top twelve tips from the nannies School holidays often provide an excellent opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their children… nevertheless everyone can also go a little stir-crazy! With their years of experience in entertaining children all day, the nannies (in-home childcarers) at Government-approved agency Placement Solutions have put together their top twelve […]

Simple DIY tasks to keep your bike on the road

Let’s be real; maintenance is such an ugly word. Whether it be the lawnmower, gutters, chainsaw or pool, each weekend is consumed by something that needs to be maintained. While there are no shortcuts if you want things to be in perfect working order, there are simpler ways of making sure you don’t spend your […]

The best activities to do in the Australian summer

Australia has some of the hottest and most extreme summers in the world, and whether you’re a local or a passing tourist, getting out amongst it all during a hot day can be the furthest thing on your mind. However, there are plenty of things you can do outside that take full advantage of a […]