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3 Animated films that your kids will love

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Ah, the holidays. I remember when I used to look forward to the final toll of the school year, a piercing buzz that permeated every hall, vibrating in my head as I flew out of the gates. Freedom. As my niece dives into my movie collection, and fires up my LG Blu Ray I am reminded of this youthful enthusiasm and the loss of freedom. I am beginning to understand why adults slide down on the couch to watch Toy Story for the 12th time; the characters and in-jokes are the closest we’ll come to regaining our childhood. Sweet nostalgia. Sadly, Woody and Buzz are no longer a new deal (though they still seem to be a big deal), and there are new contenders entering an increasingly pixelated ring, re-defining the term animation. No longer cells drawn on slips of paper and flicked for fast motion, computers have rendered a new age of kidult entertainment.


Initially released in 2006, the story of Lightning McQueen has lasted the distance and beaten the field several times over, as young crowds are ever attracted to the charms and warmth of a smiling, red car. Radiator Springs is a peaceful town of community minded vehicles, going about their business and generally living life, McQueen wants to be someone else, somewhere else, representing youthful enthusiasm and the power of dreams. Striving for the Piston Cup, his ambition takes him and his mates (Mater, Sally and Doc) on an unforgettable adventure, where he experience a host of emotions and experiences that will change his core group forever. Masterfully written, the script appeals to kids and adults, loaded with humour and moral messages without saturating a good thing. And my patience.


A lesson in imagination and adventure, Epic follows the tale of a grieving teenager, as she struggles to come to grips with her Mum’s death and her Dad’s eccentricities. MK has never believed in her the hair-brained concepts of her father, preferring to believe he’s been taking too many happy pills than admitting to the likelihood of magical little people flying around on bird and insect-back, but oh wait, he’s right. Not only is MK confronted with their microscopic existence, she is literally shrunk down to their level and suddenly caught up in the ultimate adventure, a battle for life and light over darkness and death. Visually arresting, you’ll fall in love with Epic within the first five minutes. And my niece? The phrase again, again, again comes to mind.


The usual little guy faces impossible odds formula is rejuvenated by Turbo, a garden snail saga about speed, ambition and following your dreams, even when they seem ridiculously impossible. Theo is a garden snail, tiring of a life exceedingly ordinary, ill-suited to the slow pace of his community. After a series of random events, Theo becomes a social media sensation, attracting the notice of racing hero Guy Gagné. At the end of the movie, you’ll be pondering the dynamics of family, the preciousness of friends and the unpredictability of fate, as everything unravels and comes together unexpectedly (or expectedly, as it’s a Pixar movie).

What are some of your childhood favourites? Are you a Disney purist or Pixar enthusiast? Let us know in the comments below.