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Design ideas for your child’s bedroom

amart kids bedroomChildren only have one or two main concerns: how to mess up their room and how to build a fort out of their bedding. Most parents have general ideas on how they want to decorate their children’s rooms, however they don’t often think of the impracticality of their designs.  


Add A Splash Of Colour

Children love colourful rooms, as it can help settle their moods and inspire creativity. By painting the walls a nice bright colour, or even just a soothing pale yellow or lavender feature wall, you can make your child’s room more relaxing and inviting. You may consider creating a wallpaper pattern for a feature wall, which can be easily applied without any trouble.

Install Kid-Friendly Carpet

Even though you may worry that carpet stains while vinyl doesn’t, a soft, comfy floor is a perfect way to get your kids lazing about for hours reading or playing games. There are all sorts of carpet cleaner you can buy that will easily remove stains without any problems, and there are many stain protectors that will never wear off. If your child has a vinyl floorboard, soft rugs are a great way to create a comfy play area.

Hang Your Child’s Paintings

Paintings are a great way to add some colour and creativity to your child’s bedroom walls. Simply fill some photo frames with your child’s own drawings, or look for some paintings of animals, or mythological creatures that your children like. You can also string a wire across the wall and hang your child’s painting or sketch like clothes on a washing line, making it easier to chop and change each time your child draws something new.


A great idea is to accessorise your child’s room like you would an outfit. Just like a sparkly new dress needs a dazzling handbag, a newly painted child’s room needs a beaded door hanging, new fringe lampshades, or even a few posters from the ABC shop. Accessorising your child’s room is an easy way to reflect their personality, and the best part is that you can constantly change it as your child grows older. 

Create Storage Cabinets

Most children have untidy rooms because they have too many toys and not enough storage space. To maximise ample space in your child’s bedroom, why not buy a toy box, a wall storage cabinet, or even place the toys in a plastic container that can easily slide under the bed. This way you can create more space in the room and stow away the toys in an easy and practical manner.

Designing your child’s room can be a fun experience that will open up an exciting, clean play area for your children. Give your child a treat, redesign your child’s bedroom into a colourful den of fun today!



  1. Del says:

    I have been wanting to start something on my sons room and this has now given me the inspiration, thanks 🙂