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Hello Dads


Dads come in all shapes and sizes and for many, are part of a separated family but there is one distinct common thread that connects us, we love our children, we embraced fatherhood and intentionally make it a priority. Dads Online is dedicated to these Dads. We providing relevant information and ideas that taps directly into the heart of topics that are most important to Dads.

This is an interactive site so feel free to post your comments, share thoughts and ideas so they can also help others.


  1. Elio says:

    Well Done Pete. I know how passionate you have been on this.

  2. Kein says:

    Great site! Would love to have a Facebook page that I can like, so that I can keep track of updates.

  3. Bolgeins says:

    good initiative Peter

  4. Pete,

    Great website. Being a father is a fulltime job and the best job I’ve ever had.

    Good luck.

    Everett De Morier

  5. Peter says:

    Well done Peter! (great name by the way). It certainly is a difficult journey but one that needs to be taken for the children’s and our own self esteems sake. I will go and like your Facebook page.

  6. Shayne Collins says:

    It is now ninety days since my son was born interstate without me due to the mother absconding with my child. I have not seen or held my son. The mother will not co operate in regards to me visiting my son. She also is not co operating in lodging the birth certificate. The mother already has four children that I was going to provide for including my own. She seems to believe it is her right to name my firstborn, my son and my sole heir. I am unable to agree with this. I wish to name our child. I am happy for her to name his middle name as a compromise. The mother states she will put father unknown on the B.Cert. I cannot believe that she can do this and keep my child from me. I have knocked on every door to find my child for the past six months. Now he is three months old and I still cant see him. What is going on here ??? I cannot see how the government see’s this as healthy to my childs welfare. I wish to sign the B.Cert. but she will not send it to my solicitor and now threatens that I will never see my child ever, that she will drop off the grid because I initiated a welfare check to be sure my child was and is, where she said he was. I cannot trust her because she lies incessantly. I am so worried for my child and dearly wish to see him. The mother is living in the garage at her mothers house. I do not even know if my child has a cot let alone a stable roof over his head. I can provide for my child and provide a stable home for my child. Why does my child have to do it hard with the mother when I can provide a much more stable environment for my child. The mother is not breastfeeding. I have a solicitor through legal aid NSW, after two months I am now told I must apply to legal aid QLD and it could take another three months before I go to court. This is unreal. My childs welfare is at stake here and the governments red tape has slowed the process down even more. I actually had to wait for them to return from XMAS holidays before they would even start. This process needs to be expediated. Now the birth certificate is going to be contested by her expartner. I have been here waiving my hands for three months for my DNA to be done yet ninety days from his birth nothing has happened. I am not sure I have proper legal representation. I have been referred to several ex barristers but they do not answer anymore. Why will no one help me or advise me in regard to this matter. It is far worse than what I write here and I cannot believe the government is ignoring the law and my rights as a father and my childs’ rights TO a father. and putting my child at risk of family violence. I am an abandoned father who wishes to hold his newborn child and care for him of which I believe I can do better than the mother. I do not wish to elaborate further publicly to protect my childs welfare. Any advice ? Has anyone been through this because I honestly feel I am the only one. Any advice will be treated confidentially and greatly appreciated
    Kind Regards STC

  7. Russell says:

    I’m on the downward spiral after 20+ years. Just so sick of being the scapegoat for every little thing that goes wrong in her life.
    I’m glad i found this site and the information that’ll help me, the information from you guys that have gone through this and survived.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Russell, I’m glad you found this site helpful. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Yes we all survive, there are some battle scars on some too, the ones you cant see. I like that you are reading and searching for answers, it will help you to cope by understanding yourself and other people’s journey. Look after yourself, keep on the path of self recovery and be patient. Best wishes and feel free to drop me an email if you ever want to 🙂

      • Russell says:

        Thanks Peter. I’m fortunate that out of the 6 guys I work with in my company 4 have gone through this. But they all are supportive and have given me practical advise.
        It’s hard when she uses my youngest daughter to unwittingly spy on me

  8. Josh says:

    Hi everybody I’m 26 and have just split up with my fiancée after 8 years we have twin boys that just turned three ….. she left me because we don’t talk anymore and just fight when we do and we have nothing in common and she said she dosent love me anymore and dosent look at me like that anymore …. can I have some advice on if it will get better ? The love of my life just left me and. Now I can’t go home everyday and see my beautiful kids (she said she would never stop me from seeing them ever ) but I’m so broken I have no friends I don’t k ow how to feel or what I should doing to adjust to this life .

    • Peter says:

      Hi Josh,
      Its sad when a relationships starts to die. It is usually because the focus has drifted away in both directions. Life gets busy, focus is on work and the kids and the two main ringmasters get left to pick up the pieces. It may not be completely over. Remember the times when they were good, you focused time and energy on your partner making her feel wanted and top of mind. Remember when you did lots of things for her to make her road easier and happier. You went out of your way. And, in return you got attention, the best side of her, friendship, fun, caring, sex, everything was going well. It’s because you made each other important. I trust you have had that discussion on where things went wrong and why you used to be happy? If not have it and see if you are both willing to start again. If there is any life left, it is worth it for both of you and the kids. If so, focus on each other again. You may need to see a relationship counselor or a mediator to work through things if one of you are difficult. But its worth it if you can get back on track. If you are looking for some guidance, a friend of Dads Online is Catherine Dove and can assist you if you make contact, Sometimes its cheaper if you get a referral from your local GP but you can ask her? see her details here Best wishes, let us know how you go 🙂

  9. Stefan says:

    I am a young father of a 2 and half year old and 1 year old. Firstly I want to say how much I love my girls and my wife left me over 6 months ago. I accept that I played a part in this but so did she. She has gone back to her parents and living there. We went through the courts and I paid her a large sum of money and kept the house and mortgage which is now in my mine. I am working now full time and struggling with a mortgage and paying other bills to just survive. I have moved my sister in to help with the living expenses but that is only a short term measure. I wanted to keep the house so my kids had a home! We agreed verbally that I would pay a sum of money each week but she keeps changing the goal posts and threatening to get more money. She won’t allow me to have the kids overnight even on the weekend. I am allowed a few hours on Saturday and possible a couple of hours through the week after work which is really not so great as I am spending time travelling to and fro to get them. When she gets upset she rings me and starts demanding more money. I am at the end of my tether! I am still trying to learn a new job and go through this split which has damaged me mentally. Do I have any rights as a loving father of two girls. Would appreciate some advice.

  10. Steve says:

    Hi all
    My wife told me the other day (after 17 years together; 15 as married), that she wants to separate. Since then things have moved rapidly, with me moving out this weekend. We have 3 kids who are devastated, and I am not handling it the best either. We have split with no animosity, and have discussed the possibility that things could improve in the future. I see this as a positive, but I also do not want to get my hopes up. I love her with all my heart, and she is my best friend. In hindsight maybe there were signs, but I was oblivious to it all until she told me …… I am shattered …

  11. Just wondering if there’s a forum on this website? Haven’t been able to find anything on here but only just jumped on.