How can dads build unbreakable connections with their daughters

It starts with intentional efforts, doing and being their for your daughter without asking for anything in return. If you clean up after her, scrub her bathroom, change and make her bed, take her or pick her up from friends, cook for her every day, all of this is done for love and not expecting […]

What you say before your child walks out the door could save a life

We have all been there, our child (son or daughter) walks out to go off to a party or a club and we say ” have a good time” or “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” or “take care” or “be careful”. That’s it? I really do feel we need to spell out what exactly […]

The secret for an argument free zone

I always wondered when the debating of simple tasks and requests would start or unnecessary attitude, i can tell you its around 10-12 then buckle up at 13+. Prior to that, they are beautiful pliable sweethearts that allow you to guide them, take them and pick them up from anywhere and they follow instruction without question (their […]

xox when they need rescuing

I recently read an article about having an TEXT word if your children are ever in a spot they feel that they can’t get out off and need “rescuing”. The article was very good but the plan they were using was called the X Plan. The idea was to send an “X” if they needed an […]

Managing depression whilst studying

Depression gets a bad rap for a lot of things, which to be fair is pretty reasonable because living with depression is pretty shit. Especially when it comes to exam time, and everyone seems to be bragging about how much study they’ve done, and you can’t even get the energy to make a study plan. […]

Why are you being so rude to me…I dont know?

I’m learning very quickly about moody teenagers and trying to be tolerant, but I want to jump in a time machine and go forward 10 years because this is hell! It seems like I cannot do or say anything that is right and any advise or solutions given feels like a lecture to them. I understand that there […]

Will your teen choose to take drugs or alcohol?

At some point during their teenage years, almost all young adults will be given the opportunity to try drugs or alcohol. Some teens will resist the opportunity that is presented to them, whilst others will be unable to give in to temptation: The problem is though, that for children with addictive tendencies, what was intended […]

Missing childhood events can impact adult relations

For the last few years my eldest daughter has not spoken to me and I don’t really know why? You do a lot of soul searching and try to piece events together to get some sense of her saying that she “wants to distance herself from you” She has recently married and you guessed it, I […]

Protecting children is everyone’s business

While browsing the web, you come across an image of a child which causes you distress. You believe the child has been sexually abused. So, how can you report this to police? You can report online child sexual abuse at by clicking the Report Abuse button. Reports of this nature go directly to our […]

Quality and Characteristics of being a good Dad – Word Cloud

Recently we asked our Online friends,  What quality or characteristic do you need to be a good dad? We collated all the responses and produced this word cloud…

A Date with Dad

The power of a “Date with Dad” is all about “being there” and spending time talking with your kids,  it is so profoundly meaningful that we often miss it.  Kids thrive when their dads take the time to be 100% present and are available to them.  A regular, “Date with Dad” with each of your […]

Setting our kids up to make good decisions when they are adults

We have all come across a child who seems more mature than their years. In some cases these children have achieved this without much guidance or parenting. But more often than not our children require a level of guidance and parenting to help them become good adults. The decisions we face as we get older […]