Dads Carpool Karaoke

  As I prepare for a 5 hour drive to our Christmas holiday destination I started to think about how we could make the journey a little more entertaining & fun. This years holiday destination we have not been to before – we hired a caravan and purchased a tent for my daughter and her friend. Its […]

Research your next car online

Usually, cars are considered the second biggest expense, the first one being housing. We either love cars or we don’t, either way, we have to buy them at some point and while doing so we encounter confusion, unnecessary hurdles and problems. We end up spending a lot of time going between dealers asking questions, some […]

Dads saving dollars by DIY at home

You don’t need to have a huge knowledge about cars and their parts to maintain a car. A little bit of knowledge and some DIY can save you from spending hundreds of dollars. You can use scheduled maintenance guides, fact sheets and watch instructional videos on YouTube to familiarise yourself with cars, their parts, tools, […]

Travelling with children: on a road trip

Anyone with young children will know that whilst holidays are a fantastic opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ and spend quality time together.  Sometimes the stress of the journey to get there can make you question whether it’s worth all the effort! Car journeys become arduous tasks filled with cries of ‘are we nearly […]

Things you might forget when planning a road trip

Once you have decided on that once in a lifetime road trip across the country, there is little you can do other than dream about your perfect getaway. But before you get lost in the clouds, come back down to earth and plan your trip properly before you go. This is ensure fewer obstacles and […]