DIY Building a vegetable garden with your kids

Building your own vegetable garden is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, you can save money and have fresh vegetables in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to have a garden either, if you’re living in an apartment or don’t have a garden, then there are supplies available in hardware stores with which […]

Watching The Footy: What to do when the boys come around

The boys are coming over. What results is a football frenzy that may, or may not involve drinking, eating and possibly a little bit of raucous behaviour. When your team loses it could spoil the day but if you follow these tips, regardless of the results, you’ll always be a winner.   Food You want […]

Simple DIY tasks to keep your bike on the road

Let’s be real; maintenance is such an ugly word. Whether it be the lawnmower, gutters, chainsaw or pool, each weekend is consumed by something that needs to be maintained. While there are no shortcuts if you want things to be in perfect working order, there are simpler ways of making sure you don’t spend your […]

How to set up the perfect play room for your kids

Kids love to play, and building and decorating your children’s playroom can be just as exciting for you as it is for your children. Regardless of the size of the room you’re building, you should zone the room off for certain activities. Creating a room that’s functional and fun is also exciting and fulfilling; involve […]

Tips for working more effectively at home

Working from home has its ups and downs like any other job. In some ways it can appear leisurely and luxurious. Those working nine until five office jobs crave the informality of working from home. And in many ways it is all they think it is. But there are downsides to working from home as […]

Design ideas for your child’s bedroom

Children only have one or two main concerns: how to mess up their room and how to build a fort out of their bedding. Most parents have general ideas on how they want to decorate their children’s rooms, however they don’t often think of the impracticality of their designs.     Add A Splash Of Colour […]

Making a Home Sweet Home

One of the down sides of separation is that children often think their real home is at there mothers and the dads home is a place they just visit.  This does not have to be reality, in fact it is not hard to make your home a “home sweet home”.  I didn’t want my child […]

Tips for Helping Your Kids Decorate Their Room

When it’s time to redecorate a kid’s room the most important thing to keep in mind is their tastes. Let your kids lead too demonstrate that their ideas have value, make the experience more fun, teach decorating skills and increase their appreciation of the final product. That doesn’t mean you can’t guide them, don’t over […]

Bunnings Craft Kits

Did you know that Bunnings have a whole range of kids craft kits for both girls and boys.  There is everything from race cars  to pots and saucers.  The kits  contain everything you will need to complete the project:   Glue Pre-cut wood Ceramic Paint pots Brush Stickers and rhinestones They are a great idea, […]