There is no such thing as a perfect relationship

Everybody experiences interpersonal relationship issues throughout their lives and there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ relationship. We have relationships with many different people i.e. partner, children, brothers, sisters, parents, work colleagues, team members, shop owners, relatives, friends of friends, neighbours, teachers etc etc Having difficulties and some conflict in any relationship is normal. […]

How to maintain a work life balance

As Dads, we all have different views when it comes to maintaining a fair and reasonable balance between our work and our private family life. A father needs to be able to ensure that he puts in enough time and work to progress in his career and keep finances strong to raise his family, however […]

Getting your child into the active habit of completing their homework

It can often be a struggle to encourage your child to complete a set amount of time of homework and revision hours weekly, as it often feels like a fight over control. You feel as a parent you should be guiding them to sit down and study whereas they feel they are now needing independence […]

Why it is important to know your children’s friends

One of the best possible ways to influence healthy friendships for your child is to be aware of and involved in them. There is a fine line between being involved and being nosy, you need to make sure not to overstep those boundaries and make your child feel as if their privacy is being disturbed. […]

How to secure your relationship during the parenting years

Have you thought about your transition from Partner to Parent? Everybody will win if you get it right – YOU, your partner and the children. Lets not forget it costs way less to live together as a family than to live separately. It’s so important to secure your relationship during the parenting years and be […]

Become great at parenting

I remember when I first separated, I didn’t have all the parenting skills needed to be a great parent.  I felt I needed to put some time and focus into learning a few things.  I also had the issues of a busy career which became in someways second place to my new role as a […]

A New Year a Fresh Start

Like most of you every year I make new resolutions.  They include everything from giving up smoking (which I did 15 years ago) to saving money, learning guitar, taking up a gym membership and sticking at it! or to focus on a particular skill more.  For a couple of years I would write my goals […]

Will your teen choose to take drugs or alcohol?

At some point during their teenage years, almost all young adults will be given the opportunity to try drugs or alcohol. Some teens will resist the opportunity that is presented to them, whilst others will be unable to give in to temptation: The problem is though, that for children with addictive tendencies, what was intended […]

Missing childhood events can impact adult relations

For the last few years my eldest daughter has not spoken to me and I don’t really know why? You do a lot of soul searching and try to piece events together to get some sense of her saying that she “wants to distance herself from you” She has recently married and you guessed it, I […]

Protecting children is everyone’s business

While browsing the web, you come across an image of a child which causes you distress. You believe the child has been sexually abused. So, how can you report this to police? You can report online child sexual abuse at by clicking the Report Abuse button. Reports of this nature go directly to our […]

A Date with Dad

The power of a “Date with Dad” is all about “being there” and spending time talking with your kids,  it is so profoundly meaningful that we often miss it.  Kids thrive when their dads take the time to be 100% present and are available to them.  A regular, “Date with Dad” with each of your […]

If you could write a note to your younger self what would you say?

Wow , Imagine if we were sat down in the lounge by our dad and he said… Son, There are a few things that you need to know in life to succeed and I want you to remember them. Firstly we would have to listen to the content without being a smug know-it-all teenager. Given […]