xox when they need rescuing

I recently read an article about having an TEXT word if your children are ever in a spot they feel that they can’t get out off and need “rescuing”. The article was very good but the plan they were using was called the X Plan. The idea was to send an “X” if they needed an […]

A quick way for men to determine if you have hearing loss?

Hearing loss isn’t the kind of thing most men like to talk about but in fact, about 1 in 6 people in Australia suffer from hearing loss which increases to over 1 in 4 for people over 60. Most men tend to ignore the early signs of hearing loss, they ask their wife or kids […]

Great Dad moments captured

You see them everywhere, Dads spending quality time with their kids. Nothing new in this (for the lucky ones) but when you capture the picture, its then you freeze the moment and see the enjoyment, the value, the connection that we get from making our kids a priority. Nothing can replace the quality time spent […]

Would you leave your front and back door open whilst your kids are at home?

Keeping our kids safe from online predators is something we all must be aware of. Once upon a time we would keep our kids safe by simply making sure the front and back door of our house was locked before they went to bed. Today, if your kids have any public profiles on sites such […]

The best activities to do in the Australian summer

Australia has some of the hottest and most extreme summers in the world, and whether you’re a local or a passing tourist, getting out amongst it all during a hot day can be the furthest thing on your mind. However, there are plenty of things you can do outside that take full advantage of a […]

My family travel experience as a sole parent

Travelling for me (as a sole parent) has been something that has provided an enormous amount of pleasure for my daughter and I. We can now share memories and life experiences across a myriad of destinations. Together we have travelled to Bali, Thailand, Fiji , Perth as well as many local destinations like Hamilton Island, […]

More to learn from Bali than just sitting by the pool

Travelling with my daughter  to a destination such as Bali has been wonderful to relax and spend quality time together away from the stresses of every day life. Although Bali has beautiful hotels and resorts that cater specifically for people who want to sit by the pool or find a tranquil spot on a day […]

How to cope emotionally when your children want nothing to do with you.

Rejection is usually a difficult emotion to deal with for anyone. When it comes from your children, the pain can be unbearable. Depending on the circumstances in the family, such rejection can be all consuming for a father. Keep a perspective can help in coping with rejection. The child’s attitude may not be forever. Also, […]

Introducing your child to your new partner

By Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D. Author of Smart Parenting During and After Divorce. The advice in this article will be very difficult for some of you to agree with. That being said, let me also say that generalizing about people whose lives may be very complicated is difficult to do, so these are just general […]

3 Places in Sydney Your Kids are Sure to Love

I have to tell you I am biting my fingernails down to the quick trying to narrow this list down to three. There are just so many super fun things for kids to do in Sydney. There are animals galore and so many beautiful parks and playgrounds. Some of which adjoin the amazing beaches.  I […]

Dads tribute tattoo’s

There are so many reasons dads get tattoos, and probably the single biggest reason is to mark the birth of our children or as a tribute to them.  If you’re considering a tattoo, have you thought about what design? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice. Don’t just clone what you […]

People who say they slept like a baby, usually dont have one!

Most dads need about 8½ to more than 9 hours of sleep each night.  But about 1 in 4 dads has trouble sleeping.  Lack of sleep can affect everything from our emotions to how well we focus on juggling all the things we need to do as a parent.  It can affect our mood and […]