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I don’t baby sit my kids, thats so 1970

Dads take an active role in parenting their childrenToday men are Dads and not a pay check! Back in the old days dads went to work and mums stayed home to completely care for the kids. If mum had to go out, Dad would “baby sit” the kids. Those days are long gone.

I reckon things started to change between 1990 and 2000. The millennium  was responsible for some great change and in particular Dads taking an equal role in caring and parenting their children.

Look into most homes today and you will see brilliant men parenting their children and keeping a home in order just as well as women do all whilst juggling work demands. You will see them making beds and putting half a dozen pillows in place LOL, doing the washing, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. They cook dinner, help with the children’s homework and organise the kids to get ready for bed.

Father Dropping Kids Of At School On Way To WorkYes and go to bed exhausted! ring any bells 🙂 Morning comes and we are up making breakfast, preparing lunches and taking the kids to school. If you’re a separated dad their is no sharing the duties and it is definitely a juggle but completely doable. You just need to be intentional and very routine, if you’re co-parenting in the same house, duties can be obviously shared, tasks can be split and taken in turns.

Dads are paying attention! They make purchasing decisions across all categories in the home and Dads spend a lot of time online comparing prices in what are considered more ‘female’ categories. More than half of them read reviews of products and services and nearly as many share positive research results with friends. Dads are involved like they have never been before and we are continuing to step up and be equally responsible for parenting our children.

Just a day in the life of a normal Dad.