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Your gut feeling can save your life

We often think of our daughters as being more vulnerable with their personal safety than sons and I think it is true and the safer way to think. We need to educate our daughters, mothers, sisters, grand daughters nieces and friends that there are ways to keep you safe and that is to trust your gut or intuition.

Your intuition is an internal mechanism that should be trusted. Humans are the only species on earth that second guesses it. Animals if they sense danger run away but humans often for the sake of being nice or not offending a stranger may accept an offer or an invitation that can cost their life.

Oprah Winfrey has produced a podcast titled “Best life lessons” interviewing women (victims of not trusting there gut) and police talking about how some women knew something was wrong when they were approached by a male who was acting nice and polite (grooming) prior to attacking them. They knew something was wrong, something felt off! they felt fear, their gut was telling no! I don’t know why but something is not right – that’s your intuition talking to you.

Yet they allowed this person to help them, carry something for them, walk with them to their car, into their space, guide them, get close to them, all for the sake of not offending or being rude. They have been brought up to be polite and nice to people and believe that these sorts of bad things don’t happen to them?

But unfortunately, it can not be guaranteed it wont happen? it does and it might if they don’t trust their gut or that voice inside their head saying something’s not right.

One of the biggest problems is that perpetrators of violence generally do not commit these crimes in view of the public or in areas they can been seen, so they try to take (convince) their victim to move to a second location, NEVER GO TO THE SECOND LOCATION! …NEVER GO TO THE SECOND LOCATION!

Listen and Share Oprah’s podcast with friends, Oprah explains it so much better than me, here it is: Opera Winfrey Podcast on life saving advice.