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Busy Dad

Busy Dads

It was a bit of a shock suddenly having to think about everything!  Many of the family tasks were previously shared such as cooking, gardening, supermarket shopping, planning holidays, weekend entertainment, reading, homework, buying birthday gifts, … [Continue reading]

Huntsman Vs Dad

Huntsman spiders are a normal part of the Australian landscape, its not to often you see one this big. An Aussie dad attempts to catch the large huntsman spider with a Chinese food container while his daughter films. If your not scared of spiders … [Continue reading]

Wheel of treats – travel game

An interesting travel game that the kids love when going for a drive is  “wheel of treats”. Tools needed: chalk, tyre, child/children and dad. On the front passenger side tyre, write the names of the children and yourself as “dad”.  Space the … [Continue reading]

Hey dad, why is the sea salty?

Have you ever been caught out not knowing how to answer one of those tough question, like many of us, a great response has always been "good question, lets look it up on Google".  Below are a few of those questions and answers that we found on Google … [Continue reading]

Crispy Potato Skins with Dip

You wont get any complaints serving these up. Serves 4 Ingredients 4 large (about 1kg) sebago potatoes, scrubbed. Olive oil spray, 1/2 cup (50g) grated cheddar Mild tomato salsa, or a dip of your choice Method Preheat oven to 180°C. Place … [Continue reading]

Steamed Rice

I always wondered how the Chinese make their rice so good, light, not to dry, not to moist and without a rice cooker? Be low is how to make steamed rice. Prep time 5 minutes Cooking Time 20 minutes Ingredients (serves 3) 1.5 cups … [Continue reading]

Chicken Stir fry

Ok Dads, this is a bit of a favorite, everyone needs a good chicken stir fry in the recipe book. The kids will love this meal, as its a simple kids meal that gets eaten. Ingredients (serves 4) 1 tbs olive oil 500g chicken breast fillets, cut … [Continue reading]

Easter Dads

Calling all Easter Dads, OK it’s time to buy your eggs and continue the tradition of the Easter Egg hunt on good Friday.  The egg hunt is a game during which real hard-boiled painted eggs or chocolate eggs (most kids favorite) of various sizes are … [Continue reading]

Dads returning home from the military

An emotional look at the reactions of children when they are surprised by their dad returning home from service in the military. … [Continue reading]

Reconnecting after absence

Reconnecting after absence I found sometimes tricky, all I wanted was to pick up my daughter and start the weekend exactly where we left off (a fortnight ago) I was excited! On occasion this was possible,  depending on what age she was at there … [Continue reading]

Work life balance

Depending on your access agreement it can be difficult developing a career, I was a every second weekend dad the first time round and although it came with all the emotional losses it enabled me to devote time into my career.  Now that I find myself … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Crackles

A Dads favourite and your child's too! Makes 20 small crackles   Ingredients 200g Mars bars, chopped 2 tbs thin cream 2 tsp cocoa powder, sifted 3 cups Rice Bubbles Method Place the Mars bars, thin cream and cocoa in a heatproof … [Continue reading]