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Dads Cafe Breakfast Menu

This is what breakfast looked like at our house this morning. Every now and then using an A4 piece of paper I draw up a menu similar to the ones we get in a cafe and we all get to order what we would like to eat. It’s a bit of fun as kids love to role play games and you can pretend you are a waiter. I just include on the menu what is available in the fridge and pantry at the time.

dads cafe menu


  1. Emma Capell says:

    Awesome. It really made me laugh out loud! Excellent idea. I will draw one up immediately for my boyfriend (when he’s here) and kids. It will include such things as Eggy Bread with plain/raisin bread. Topped with cinnamon sugar/maple syrup. With peach/strawberries/nothing etc. And I will leave it in their rooms the night before as I am an early riser. That’s one way to get the teenagers out of bed at the weekends!

    • Peter says:

      Hello Emma,

      I’m glad you like the idea! Yes it is always a hit in my home. Great idea leaving it in their rooms the night before and collect in the morning 🙂 I always find they tend to eat more too.

      Best wishes and I also like your eggy bread, maybe you could post that in the breakfast section.