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3 recipes to make with the kids

ben and jerrys icecreamThey say that watching your parents cook is one of the strongest memories a child can have and cooking as a family is one of the few ways everyone can come together. If food was a big part of your household growing up, you would always remember arriving home from school to the rich aroma of stew simmering quietly on the stove – one of your parents tasting the consistency of the sauce every few minutes. As kids, we loved being a part of the kitchen and we were always excited to help out in any way we could. Whether it was stirring the pasta in the pot or helping to ice the cake whilst covering ourselves in the leftover icing. We simply treasured it! Now it’s time to re-create those memories with our own little ones. But what to make? If they are just learning, it needs to be simple enough where they feel as though they have reign in the kitchen. Here are just a few ideas of meals you can make with your kids.

Frozen Fruit Skewers with a honey yogurt dipping sauce

The Aussie  summer has just hit us and we are scrambling for ways to keep cool, especially if some of us aren’t blessed with a pool. Unlike those sugary popsicles, these frozen fruit skewers are not only refreshing but are full of delicious nutrients. All you need is skewers and fresh berries, grapes and pineapple. Have the kids place (or stab) the fruit with the wooden sticks and place them in the freezer until frozen solid. When they are ready to serve, mix together some plain yoghurt and honey for dipping.

Veggie Packed Homemade Sausage Rolls

Fussy kids and vegetables never go down well. We can cover the veggies in sauce all we like, but they always know. Before my eldest realised that vegetables are the bee’s knees, the only way I could get him his daily serve was by grating it into these homemade sausage rolls – what kid doesn’t love sausage rolls? In a bowl of mince, grate every vegetable in your arsenal along with some breadcrumbs and get your children to line the filling in the pastry. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden and serve with a big dollop of tomato sauce.

Mega Chocolate Sundae

Ok, so we all need the odd treat every now and again, so why not go all out with a mega chocolate sundae that you can share. This recipe is super simple and adaptable to your kids’ tastebuds. Just pick yourself up a tub of  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, marshmallows, wafer biscuits, whipped cream and if you feel the desire to add a touch of fruit, nothing compliments a sundae better than a banana. Once you’ve scooped the ice cream into a bowl, get your children to add their favourite toppings and voila – you’ve got yourself one scrumptious sundae.

What do your kids love cooking? Tell us in the comments below.


  1. Great post! I am a dad who cooks with my kiddo any chance I get!