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When they are with you they’re yours

Yep you’re in-charge of everything when your kids are with you.
It makes zero difference how many rules their mum has, your running the things now, so own it!

Obviously some degree of common sense is desirable between the two homes. You are free to set up your home exactly how you want to. If you like how their mum has set hers up, copy the good ideas.
If your’e not confident in knowing how to set up a home, don’t rely on their mum to show you, seriously work it out yourself.

If she offers, politely say, no thanks I’m good 🙂 and jump onto Google and YouTube, all our questions are answered there. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be and how logical and best of all you’ll a great sense of accomplishment! Putting a home together with your children in mind can be googled by using keywords and phrases like: setting up a girls bedroom or how to decorate a child’s room or how to make your home child friendly or teenage bedroom ideas…have a go.

Don’t worry if you have a completely different set up to their mums home, it will teach your children life skills around adapting to change. Kids know that there are different rules in different places. Every day they are adapting to change when going to school, over to Poppies house, going to football training. Don’t let the change concern you because they’re good at it and its not a biggy.

Some of the things I would consider around aligning your house rules with mums purely for the sake of looking after your kids. for example: If their mum doesn’t want toy guns in the house and it sets her off when they play war games or violence games online, then its best to not allow this too in yours. If you allow this in your house you could be making it hard on them when they return to their mums and we don’t want to do that, it’s not fair on them.

You are not obligated to abide by the kids mum’s wishes when they’re with you, you are free to care for them the best way you know how and i bet its perfect. Some Mum’s will try and tell you what to do and how to look after them, you don’t have to agree or give what she says any credence. Your job is to look after you children and do what is in the best interest for them.

If she argues with you about not doing as she likes, you just have to deal with it as that is also part of being divorce. She’ll get used to you carving out your own path of parenting once she see that your way works too.

Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job.