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Travelling with children: on a road trip

traveling with childrenAnyone with young children will know that whilst holidays are a fantastic opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ and spend quality time together.  Sometimes the stress of the journey to get there can make you question whether it’s worth all the effort!

Car journeys become arduous tasks filled with cries of ‘are we nearly there yet’ and numerous toilet stops, and travelling by public transport can be an embarrassing experience, particularly if your children take a liking (or dislike) any of your fellow passengers.

Here is a handy guide to keeping your little ones happy and content during the journey to and from your destination:


Taking the time to talk to your children about where you’re going before you set off is a great idea.  Explain to them in simple terms how long the journey is likely to take (for example, it’s a little bit further than grandpa’s house).  If they’re old enough, show them a map of where you’re going and talk about the journey, and some of the sights they’re likely to see during the journey.

In Car Entertainment

Children have a very short attention span so having a few interactive and interesting games up your sleeve to play during the journey is essential.  Traditional games like eye spy and the number plate game are still popular, but be creative!  Why not all take it turns to make up part of a story, or play a guessing game – the list is endless.

Alternatively, on-board DVD players and handheld games consoles offer a good way to keep little ones happy and content.  CD’s of your children’s favourite stories are also popular ways to keep both children, and parents calm and entertained.

Keep Refreshed

One of the most common complaints from children when travelling is that they are either hungry or thirsty.  Stopping at service stations to re-fuel can work out costly, and you will then often be limited to sugary snacks and drinks that wont help to keep your children calm!

Fill a box with healthy snacks, such as bread sticks, fruit, cheese and flapjacks, and pack several bottles of water or fruit juice.  These should keep the hunger pains at bay.

Be Flexible

When you have children, gone are the days of having a set agenda where you leave the house, and reach your destination at a set time.  Children have their own agenda, and with all the best will in the world you need to be flexible to deal with the unexpected – or allow yourself lots of extra time. 

Being flexible and prepared should take the stress out of dealing with emergency or unforeseen situations.  Organising your insurance through a reputable and helpful company like Expedia means you’ll be covered should the unexpected happen.