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How to set up the perfect play room for your kids

a perfect playroomKids love to play, and building and decorating your children’s playroom can be just as exciting for you as it is for your children. Regardless of the size of the room you’re building, you should zone the room off for certain activities. Creating a room that’s functional and fun is also exciting and fulfilling; involve the little ones in big decision, small decision and decoration, from the frustrating world of kids furniture to swirling, bright colour charts.

Cultivate Creativity
A child’s playroom is meant to inspire creativity and learning. As such, this should be the room where your children feel the most inspired. Include a creativity corner, so that your children can grab some crayons and markers, a notepad or crafts. To add a little flare, you can display creative scraps and classroom art masterminded by your children, as well as family pictures and inspirational quotes with a special meaning to your family.

Create Floor Space for Play
Kids need room to play, so floor space has to be a consideration in your plans. If you’re having an issue with floor space, use the walls for storage. Shelving can easily store books, small toys and other miscellaneous items from the playroom.

Incorporate a Learning Zone
The learning zone is one of the most important areas of a playroom. One of the most effective set-ups for the learning zone is chairs, a table and a chalk board. This set-up affords your children the ability to learn and role play as teachers and students. You can add books, notepads and other items as you see fit.

Include a Reading Nook
Although you are creating a playroom, a reading nook will enhance your children’s experience as well. It’s alright to allow a little TV, but reading should be the cornerstone of your child’s development.

Storage Unit
There is bound to be lots of toys and miscellaneous items in you children’s playroom. Since toys come in many shapes and sizes, you can store the majority of the toys in the room by using benches with buckets inside of them. If you have enough room, you can use an entertainment center for storage.

A Cosy Place to Sit
While it’s alright to have one big couch, try to include some small chairs and floor poofs. They make great mobile seats and allow your kids to explore the room in comfort.

Overall, think about the functionality of the space; what could it be with a little TLC and a liberal injection of imagination? As a safety aside, be sure to pick a flooring option that’s safe for kids and that can be easily cleaned. You can get away with absolutely anything (as long as it reflect the personality or personalities of your children), think about small details, subtle flourishes and space saving solutions to get the most out of your playroom investment. Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.