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Protecting children is everyone’s business

Report AbuseWhile browsing the web, you come across an image of a child which causes you distress. You believe the child has been sexually abused.

So, how can you report this to police?

You can report online child sexual abuse at by clicking the Report Abuse button. Reports of this nature go directly to our Child Protection Operations team for assessment.

In any situation where a person or child is in immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000).

Protecting children is everyone’s business. This White Balloon Day, think about how you can help to make Australia the safest place in the world for our kids.


  1. Manoel Pereira says:

    Protecting children is everyone’s business?

    Do you guys really mean it.

    I have a real story about my own child and how the social worker along with the ICL are playing their games.
    The social security money is used to write wrong reports and children taken away from fathers.
    The Social worker charged AUD 150 a hour for his report.

    Initially I had met a community legal lawyer and he had a conversation with the ICL and they both agreed that the report written by the social worker was crap.
    In this report the single witness interviewed the child in front of the mother and the social worker along with the mother pressurised the child to agree to say things that the mother had thought the child to say.
    The child had mentioned his intention that he wanted to stay with his dad for 5 nights a week.
    SO the child gets a punishment from the social worker by taking his dad away from him.
    The Magistrate of the family court says her hands are tied.

    They agreed upon a new witness to write a report.

    Will that happen or the ICL is telling a lie.

    If you wanna help this child than raise your voice and stop this from happening to any child.