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Truth and Lies about the effects of Domestic Family Violence on Children

When people think of domestic and family violence, they often think of how much it hurts the adult victim. It’s true that domestic and family violence is most often violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour. But what you may not realise is that … [Continue reading]

Parenting Plan (happy plan)

Many children worry about what will happen to them when their parents split up, and it can be a big relief to them if the arrangements become clear and predictable early on.  Working out a parenting plan as early and as quickly as possible serves … [Continue reading]

What Every Teenager Wants Their Parents To Know

What every teenager wants their parents to know

Dear Mum and Dad, Please stick with me. I can’t think clearly right now because there is a rather substantial section of my prefrontal cortex missing. It’s a fairly important chunk, something having to do with rational thought. You see, it won’t … [Continue reading]

How to overcome the barriers and prioritise mens health

Let’s talk about Men’s Health, it’s the week for it, and something we should always keep top of mind. It's important to prioritise our health. By doing so we are a better version of ourself to our families, our children, our partners, our friends … [Continue reading]

Dads Favourite Shepherds Pie Recipe

Dads, if you're after a dinner recipe that will please the family, and the kids will ask for more, then this is it. Im cooking it again because "Odette" loved it and licked the plate clean. Surely that in itself is an awesome review for Dads … [Continue reading]

Dinner conversations with Dad

Ever sat around the dinner table and wondered what questions you could ask your dad to really find out more about him? Remember all families have been through good and bad times. There were many years before you were born that your Dad had a life … [Continue reading]

Pick ups and drop offs can be tough

Pick ups and drop offs can be tough! I remember there were times that if I had a heart rate monitor on, you would have seen my heart rate at...5kms away 110 bpm, 3kms away 135bpm, entering her street 150bpm. One of the things I have learned on this … [Continue reading]

2022 A New Year a Fresh Start

Like most of you every year I make new resolutions.  They include everything from giving up smoking (which I did 19years ago and thank god I did) to saving money, learning guitar, taking up a gym membership and sticking at it! or to learn a … [Continue reading]

Surround yourself with people who really appreciate your worth

Life isn't a lot of fun when you have people around that you that put you down, talk rudely to you, place unreasonable demands on you and go out of their way to treat you like crap. If you are in a position that you're not valued or treated like crap … [Continue reading]

Dads Banana Cake Recipe

There isn't much more satisfying than to make food for your family and they love it. Having my daughter half the time over the last 12 years I have come to really enjoy cooking for her and this Banana Cake is a winner. We have our favourites i.e. … [Continue reading]

New dad tips for parenting infants and toddlers

Parenting infants and toddlers is amazing, rewarding and frustrating and it can happen all in the same day. Imagine being a toddler for just a minute...they can't articulate clearly what you want, they are completely managed by a parent, given food … [Continue reading]

New dad tips for handling a newborn

Most of us enter fatherhood with very little knowledge on how to raise a baby let alone bring up a good human being. We've held our nephews and nieces in our arms but feeding, cleaning, soothing, burping, changing nappies, nurturing is something that … [Continue reading]