Managing depression whilst studying

Depression gets a bad rap for a lot of things, which to be fair is pretty reasonable because living with depression is pretty shit. Especially when it comes to exam time, and everyone seems to be bragging about how much study they’ve done, and you … [Continue reading]

Dads Carpool Karaoke

  As I prepare for a 5 hour drive to our Christmas holiday destination I started to think about how we could make the journey a little more entertaining & fun. This years holiday destination we have not been to before - we hired a … [Continue reading]

Some Dads are not waking up to their children this Christmas

Sadly, I know too many people to whom this applies (including myself once). I have cried with memories of what this time used to be for me and how it was filled with such love and happiness - for some dads times like these bring back memories of the … [Continue reading]

Encouraging your kids to keep a journal

Keeping a diary is something of a dying art among the youth of today. Social media posts have largely replaced the angsty diary entries scribbled out by teenagers of times gone by. This is a great shame, as journaling can be very good for kids. Here … [Continue reading]

Becoming a new parent or DAD again

Being a parent for the first time is exciting but it comes with responsibilities and part of that responsibility is making sure your child grows up in a safe yet still stimulating environment so they can develop to their maximum potential. One of the … [Continue reading]

It’s expensive to break up

I don't think the expense of breaking up is ever considered when we are thinking about breaking up? If we did, we might try a little harder to stay together because it can put an enormous amount of strain on the hip pocket! When we know it's over … [Continue reading]

I don’t baby sit my kids, thats so 1970

Today men are Dads and not a pay check! Back in the old days dads went to work and mums stayed home to completely care for the kids. If mum had to go out, Dad would "baby sit" the kids. Those days are long gone. I reckon things started to change … [Continue reading]

Christmas can be a tough time, its ok if you’re not up for it.

Christmas time is not always a happy time for some people, there can be a lot of  different reasons and one of the biggest reasons is loneliness. Sadley, many people suffer in silence and often the depression is masked by fake smiles and laughter. 1 … [Continue reading]

Can PTSD be a symptom of divorce

I do believe that the stress and grief cause through separation and divorce can result in PTSD.  To understand this we first need to know what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is? It is a mental illness or mental disorder which is a diagnosable illness … [Continue reading]

The top pain points of separation

There are so many individual things that cause pain after separation.  It sometimes feels like your stuck on a emotional roller coaster. I've talked before about ways to "SELF CARE" during these years, but when I think about what it is that causes … [Continue reading]

How to be an active dad

Some Dads are hell busy with their work and can not or do not leave enough energy at the end of the day or week to spend quality time with their kids and important people in their life. They eventually put on weight and loose touch with a healthy … [Continue reading]

We all know the woman who disappeared on her way home from Friday night drinks

Her name was Jill Meagher and her murder rocked our world. Who saw the documentary on ABC called CONVICTION? I was so proud of the police who were assigned to the murder case. They worked so hard to solve it and they did quickly. It took six days … [Continue reading]