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3 Places in Sydney Your Kids are Sure to Love

I have to tell you I am biting my fingernails down to the quick trying to narrow this list down to three. There are just so many super fun things for kids to do in Sydney. There are animals galore and so many beautiful parks and playgrounds. Some of which adjoin the amazing beaches.  I want to give a little shout out to the museums as they didn’t make the list this time but it was a hard choice not to include them. Many of them have some truly fabulous interactive exhibits that kids really enjoy. I’d highly recommend giving them some consideration when you are tossing up what you would like to do.

Taronga Zoo

What can I say…it’s a damn fine zoo. It has lions and tigers and giraffes and you can get right up close to some of those gorgeous creatures (closer to the giraffes than the lions and tigers for some reason). The zoo is nothing short of splendid and the kids love it.  There are a few elephant calves rockin’ around the place at the moment too so go check them out for some uber cuteness.

Are You As Bored As Me?

The animal encounters are really cool. My favourite is feeding the giraffe and tell me what kid wouldn’t like doing that! They give you a photo as part of the cost. It’s a bit of a favourite so book it first thing when you arrive at the zoo.

Hot tip: You can get to the zoo by ferry direct from Circular Key. There are some discounted ferry + zoo passes that are worth checking out. Or if it is a Sunday you can get the Family Funday transport ticket for $2.50 per person (kids under 5 travel free). This allows you transport on all public buses, trains and ferries all day. What a bargain!

Sydney Aquarium

There are big sharks floating about above you and you can see them up close. What’s not to like? Basically the main exhibit here is a big clear tunnel that you wander through where everywhere around you is ocean.  You can stand and watch all the lovely sea creatures, like sharks and sting rays, going about their business all day if you want to. Just make sure you let people past as some of them may want to see other things.

It is incredible and kids love love love it.

The other exhibits are very good too. Kids love the tropical fish one and can spend ages hanging around trying to find Nemo.

Hot tip: don’t wander up and pay full price at the door! You will save save save if you book online. There are also some great options like family afternoon passes offering a significant discount. Check their website for details.

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly pool - view from the beach

In truth you could go to any beach and that would be fun but Clovelly Beach is perfect for families with young kids. It is a small waveless beach that is much more like an ocean pool.  The snorkelling is fabulous so don’t forget to pack one!  There’s always a tonne of other kids down there so plenty of new friends for your little ones to play with.   You can take your own snacks but if you can’t be bothered with packing a heap of stuff then the grub at the cafe is pretty good.

Hot tip:  If you go during the week this beach will be much quieter.  Buses run from the city to Clovelly, in Sydney’s east, quite regularly. If you travel on a Sunday then you can get the super cheap Family Funday ticket for $2.50 per person (kids under 5 travel free).


Kristy Alexander is a freelance travel writer for HotelClub and busy mum of three with a passion for the outdoors. She recommends the Mercure Sydney if you are looking for a conveniently located hotel close to the hub of Sydney’s public transport.