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Wheel of treats – travel game

An interesting travel game that the kids love when going for a drive is  “wheel of treats”.

Tools needed: chalk, tyre, child/children and dad.

On the front passenger side tyre, write the names of the children and yourself as “dad”.  Space the names around the tyre and put a mark on the wheel arch as the finishing point.

As you are driving around or traveling to a destination, the names are rotating, when it’s time to stop for a break, the person’s name that has stopped closest to the top of the wheel arch or “marked point” gets to choose the treats for everyone.

Everyone is very excited to get out to find who’s turn it is to choose the treats, have fun 🙂


  1. Steve says:

    Awesome idea! I tried this last night when I picked the kids up and we used it to decide what we would have for dinner. Instead of the names the kids were happy to put down Pasta, fish n chips or souvlaki. We had fish n chips lol. Great thanks.