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Top family road trips in Australia

Twelve_Apostles_Victoria_AustraliaRalph Waldo Emerson’s famous words, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” still inspire today. The journey is the destination, or rather, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters most… For road trippers, the journey is just as remarkable as the destination, especially if you and your family are embarking on a summertime road trip in Australia.

Australia is a beautiful destination that offers pristine beaches, exotic wild animals and captivating scenery for road-tripping families. From beautiful rain forests and natural wonders to the thriving cities of Sydney and Melbourne, the diverse landscape of Australia provides ideal sites to travel and explore. Don’t forget to take a few steps to prepare. For example, check your engine at your local auto shop, get a car insurance comparison to ensure you have the best coverage, and create your own interactive and customized maps using

Take on any of the following road trips to amazing destinations for unforgettable experiences and discoveries that kids of all ages will enjoy:

Thredbo Resort

Planning a summer trip to the Australian Thredbo Resort is both scenic and adventurous from the moment your car hits the road to cruising downhill on your bike. Thredbo Alpine Village is outdoorsy family’s dream getaway, and the drive to the destination is just as much of an adventure as the resort’s thrilling activities. Leisurely scenic chair rides, fly fishing and mountain biking are among the many day adventures that families can partake in. Check out the spectacular views of Kosciuszko while abseiling, or take a Mt. Kosciuszko helicopter tour and experience the beauty of the wilderness from an incredible vantage point. From day trips and tranquil natural swimming holes to a scenic Kosciuszko Alpine Lakes Guided Walk, the Thredbo Resort is where to travel next.

Kosciuszko National Park

The alpine and stunning landscape of Kosciuszko National park is the perfect outdoor destination for hiking and biking families. The national park is home to Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, in the Australian Alps’ Snow Mountains Range. Adventurous climbers can ascend the summit while taking in breathtaking views along the way. Bushwalkers can also take the glacial Lakes Walk from Charlotte Pass to reach the mountain’s summit. For outdoor enthusiasts who love to feel the fast-paced thrills of mountain biking, and the popular trails Mosquito Creek, Blue Waterholes and Wallace Creek Trails provide unforgettable outdoor experiences and beautiful natural landscapes.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Show your children the beauty of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria while driving past unimaginable views, including peaceful secluded bays, breathtaking cliffs and distinct rock formations. The Great Ocean Road, an Australian National Heritage, extends between the cities of Torquay and Warrnambool along the south-eastern coast. Kids will love to explore landmarks such as The Grotto, London Arch and Twelve Apostles as they continue along the world’s largest war memorial. Erskine Falls in the Great Otway National Park is also an excellent stop for everyone to experience the beauty of nature and gorgeous cascading falls.

The Great Green Way

Between Townsville and Cairns, Far North Queensland, the Great Green Way is exactly what its name implies. The gorgeous green way extends over 12 National Parks and 25 tropical islands. The relaxed way of life is defined by local pubs, farming and fishing. Travel to the various towns of Ingham, Mission Beach, Cardwell and Tully to meet with locals, nosh on tropical fruits and traverse the untamed wilderness. Take your family on an exploration to immaculate beaches on deserted islands and stunning coral reefs. While visiting the towns of the Great Green Way, experience Hinchinbrook Island aboard a ferry cruise, swim at Ramsay Bay, go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef or dive at the SS Yongala, a national historical wreck full of marine life and artefacts.

Sydney to Melbourne

Driving the Hume Highway from Sydney to Melbourne is a favourite and frequent road trip for Australian travel blogger Lee Atikinson. Tourists who are travelling to Sydney and Melbourne can turn the commute into an exciting road trip by stopping to watch the sunset over Lake Hume or exploring the small towns of Walwa and Tintaldra along the Victoria bank. The Snowy Mountains are picturesque scenery as the Alpine Way drive continues. Go horseback riding in Jindabyne, kayak in Tuross Lake and visit the shops of Tilba Tilba. As you and your children travel from the exciting city of Sydney to the cultural city centre of Melbourne, there’s always something new to discover.

Guest writer:  Ken Watkins, JournoMedia


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    Thanks for the great wrap up. Big thumbs up from us for the Great Green Way – a popular route taken by many families as well as tourists.