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Work life balance

Depending on your access agreement it can be difficult developing a career, I was a every second weekend dad the first time round and although it came with all the emotional losses it enabled me to devote time into my career.  Now that I find myself in this situation again (accept in a 50/50 parenting agreement) and loving it, it comes with a different array of stresses, mostly work related.  Sometimes I am not available to put the extra long hours in like people who are climbing the career ladder seem to put in when they have that second support at home.  My foot has slipped of the clutch and I have stalled but I am out and pushing to keep the vehicle moving, but I don’t see any choice, what is the alternative, no thank you!  There does seem to be a glass ceiling for people like me.  So all in all I feel I am working and parenting adequately to keep all concerned happy.  I am sure there are many of us in the same situation, how are you guys doing it?


  1. Con P says:

    I am also an “every second weekend dad” and its tough. I also have the added distance that makes it tough. What i did find is the extra long hours keep the ” missing your child emotion to a minimum” but this puts other life balances out of kilter. I was working 16 hour days at one stage’ LIFE i think not!! I think that balance is a hard thing to get when there are so many dimentions to ones life. One thing i was told that still rings true in my head is that we all have ” our own kind of normal” in life. I have just had to accept the way the planets have aligned and just make it work.