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Ten way to ensure your child feels secure and loved

You could not imagine how much importance your child puts on your promises i.e. when you said you would buy them that special gift, when you promised you would be there for them, there are times they know its boring for you but in the end it makes them feel secure and loved that you are there.

  1. Always make time to go to his game, go to her dance concert, pick them up from school
  2. When your there be totally focused and present with them
  3. Always remember their birthdays and special occasions, diarise everything
  4. Always keep their things and never give away anything unless you ask for first
  5. Always be in a good mood around them
  6. Never be drunk, stoned or anything else that would make them feel ashamed of you.
  7. Never pay more attention to your girlfriend or your girlfriends children
  8. Always be more interested in their needs than yours
  9. Never criticize, belittle or make fun of the things they like
  10. Never speak badly of their mother

There is a good book that covers more on this topic called Wednesday Evenings and Every Other Weekend by F.Daniel McClure PhD and Jerry B. Saffer PhD