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It’s a fact that everyone loves babies that is as long as it’s not theirs.

Its a fact that everyone loves babies that is as long as its not theirsBabies may look like little bundles of happiness but that’s as long as they don’t throw a tantrum or wake you up in the middle of the night every day, testing your patience to the very limits. Here we have noted down some of the pros and cons of having a baby which you can read to realize how big of a deal having a baby really is!

The Pros

You can leave behind a legacy

Probably the best benefit of a baby is that you have someone to carry on your legacy. For most families having a baby is assuring a legacy and taking part in shaping how the next generation is going to be like. Raising a child watching it grow and become a contributing member of society because of the morals and values that you’ve taught makes any parent them happier than they can imagine. But at the same time if you can’t be certain what kind of individual the child will grow up to be and whether you can provide the right guidance for raising a child.

It strengthens family relations—In some cases

For most couples a baby is the embodiment of their love they have for each other. It strengthens their bond as husband and wife as well as bringing the whole family closer. But keep in mind having a baby doesn’t make everything magically “ok”. If you feel like your marriage has already lost its spark having a baby can pretty much make the entire situation worse than before.

A baby makes your life more meaningful

Having a baby means that you have to make someone else your top priority since you no longer will be responsible for only your life or your spouses. A baby is the most fragile being which needs the undivided attention of both partners. The role of a parent starts but never ends even 20 or 30 years down the line. Becoming a parent can also enable you to change yourself for the better, give you the motivation to overcome negative aspects of your personality and enhance the positive ones.

The Cons

It costs more than you can imagine

A major aspect of having a baby is providing for it. Most couples decide on having kids without thinking of the financial responsibility they entail. Raising a kid can cost some serious money and the need of more money only rises as the child grows older. Just by imagining the cost of a single roller or crib you can begin to realize how much it will actually cost you and whether you can efficiently provide that kind of money!

You have no time for yourself

After or before having a baby the entirety of your time will be spent on taking care of it. A baby will cry it’s lungs out to get your attention, not just once but frequently throughout the day. Since a child is so fragile it will require your constant attention, leaving absolutely no time for you to spend on yourself or hobbies.

The chances are after having a baby you won’t be able to have a decent bat or fancy meal for a while because as soon as you leave their side, the baby will start crying forcing you to come back to it. Things only get more hectic when they learn how to talk and walk. This is the point where they start asking a lot of questions doing the most stupid things imaginable, thus requiring even more of your time.

Say goodbye to your current relationship

Parenting is a full-time job that you have to do for the rest of your life. Juggling your job as a parent with your actual job as well as meeting the family’s needs will not just tire you out but can cause you to lose the small amount of time you had to socialize with friends and family! Most couples even reach a point where they become strangers to each other and grow distant from one another in the presence of a child. There’s not a single doubt that raising a child can have its own benefits but that only applies as long as the parents are prepared but for those parents who are unaware and unprepared for the challenges of being a parent having a baby will lead to major distress and confusion and sometime the couples might even have fallout!

The Bottom Line

After all the glam and honeymoon most couples find themselves in a state of stagnation. Some couples decide to have a baby to reignite the flames of passion for their marriage and some remain childless and cherish what they have. But there’s no denying that inexperienced and unprepared parents do a lot more harm than good by having a baby! They need to thoroughly consider what having a baby means the commitment required and how they need to raise it.