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Instant gratification

A friend of Dads Online named Tony has been kind enough to send in a parenting tip that has worked wonders in his home. read his tip below…

“As a father of two teenagers and one 12 year old I’ve battled (as we all do) with the pocket money and chores conundrum. All kids love pocket money but when it comes to apportioning chores invariably it leads to ‘why did you ask me’; I did it last time; it’s not fair. Chore lists, magnet boards, spreadsheets  – you name it we’ve tried it AND FAILED.

So, what’s changed and why have my teen tech focused children started doing chores?

In this world of instant gratification weekly pocket money is gone and has been replaced with ‘who wants to’ and the corresponding reward e.g. who wants to feed the dogs – 50c, who wants to put washing out 50c, empty the bins – 50c, fold the washing $5, mow the lawns $10, vacuum upstairs $5. Every parent will have their own reward structure but it needs to be given instantly . . .

No longer is there bickering – because there is a $ value associated with ‘every chore’. The 12 year old has recognised that the small 50c chores soon mount up. And everyone’s a winner – my wife now feels supported, the kids are ‘earning’ their pocket money.

I wanted to share this simply because it’s changed life in our household!

Thanks Tony, I have actually adopted your instant gratification payment for jobs in my home too. .

I have gone with

  • $5 bedroom cleaned and tidy
  • $5 bathroom cleaned and tidy that includes scrubbing the shower, toilet and basin
  • $5 washing of her clothes and hanging up and putting away
  • $5 walk the dog
  • $5 vacuum and mop the floors

If all these are done weekly that $25 (which has never happened 🙂 ) she can use to save for those shoes or new top, or go out to lunch with her friends.

Thanks for the great tip Tony, if any other Dads have an idea, click here