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Dads: Do you know when your Daughter will get her first period?

daughters getting first periodIn this contemporary setting a father has an equal role in parenting his children and in many cases is the primary or sole carer. Dads are striving to be better role models in their sons and daughters lives but don’t necessarily have the confidence or the skill to handle all the issues that arise.

Initiating the conversation about your daughters’ first period is incredibly daunting for many dads. Maybe this is an issue that you haven’t even thought of yet; do you know when she will start?
Do you know what products to buy? How will you handle this issue when it arises?

Our advice is to get the facts and be prepared. Start talking to your daughter about periods before it happens when she will most likely be more open, receptive and interested. Many girls will not want you to know when or after it has happened and you may not find out until she has blocked the toilet with a pad or tampons.

Many men have a negative view of a women’s menstrual cycle through experience. Often you only hear the complaints about pain and the emotional ups and downs of PMS. You may not want to know that many women do not experience any discomfort or mood swings.

Here’s some news dads – for most girls getting her first period is exciting if she knows all about it and frightening if she doesn’t!
A girl’s first period marks an important stage in her transformation from child to woman.

The most important thing you can do as a dad is to make sure your daughter feels reassured and not embarrassed, all girls get their period eventually.

Around the age of nine, is a great time to start having conversations about the topic. You don’t need to go into detail in the first instance, but once she starts getting to that age, have a casual chat about it in the car or an informal place where you both feel comfortable. Ask her if she knows what a period is, and if she has any questions about getting her period and let her know that she can ask you anything and at anytime. She’ll probably be far to self-conscious to discuss intimate details with a male but having made the offer will let her know that you care and are there for her, and that’s the most important thing.

Many men will find it hard to start the conversation about periods with their daughters and may try to avoid the topic until its necessary. We have created a solution that may help you start the conversation.

…it’s a Girl Thing! Have designed an Emergency Period Purse for parents to purchase for their daughters.
It’s contains an information booklet on periods and other essential items a girl will need to manage the situation discreetly. It should be kept in her school bag or any activity/sports bag as a security blanket. School camps are an ideal time to ensure that there is no emergencies or embarrassing accidents.

…it’s a Girl Thing! Has also developed an informative visual presentation for a girl aged 8+ called “Hey Girls have you started yet?” which is all about preparing for your first period.
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Information regarding …it’s a Girl Thing! Emergency Period Purse:

Whether you are a single dad or not, talking openly with your daughter about her period will lay the groundwork for more discussions later on in life. Keep it honest, frank and natural.
Find ways today to be a part of her life and spend time together.

by Fotini Antoniou & Susan Brasch