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We all know the woman who disappeared on her way home from Friday night drinks


Homicide investigator Ron Iddles

Her name was Jill Meagher and her murder rocked our world.

Who saw the documentary on ABC called CONVICTION? I was so proud of the police who were assigned to the murder case. They worked so hard to solve it and they did quickly. It took six days to catch Jill Meagher’s killer, about six hours for him to confess, and six minutes for a judge to remand him in custody. I am purposely not mentioning Jill’s killers name or showing a photo of him – he is nothing to this world and gets no airtime from me.

I was sad to learn that two forensic investigators left the police force after attending the scene of Jill’s Meaghers body. It affected all people working the case. Sergeant Iddles (pictured above) said his  colleagues, Sergeant Butler and Sergeant Rowe, both struggled after the investigation, with Rowe eventually deciding to leave the Homicide Squad. Even Sergeant Iddles said he remembers going home at night and was brought to tears.

This case effected our whole community because this was a women like every women we know that innocently tried to walk home from a bar that so many of us have done before, but on this night she walked into the path of a monster! I believe our sense of personal security changed forever with this case.

Three days after the monster was charged, 30,000 people staged a now-iconic march down Sydney Road in Brunswick, to remember Jill and to reclaim the night.

I wonder how the two forensic investigators, Sergeant Butler and Sergeant Rowe are doing now? We trust and pray they are doing well.