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There is no such thing as a perfect relationship

there is no prefect relationshipEverybody experiences interpersonal relationship issues throughout their lives and there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ relationship.

We have relationships with many different people i.e. partner, children, brothers, sisters, parents, work colleagues, team members, shop owners, relatives, friends of friends, neighbours, teachers etc etc

Having difficulties and some conflict in any relationship is normal. The development of any meaningful relationship takes time and effort from all parties. Throughout the course of people’s lives, relationships play an integral role in defining who people are both to themselves and to others. They are a dynamic and natural part of being human.

The trick is to know what makes a relationship work and lean on those attributes.

Things such as:

  • Good Communication – people react with honesty and openness
  • Togetherness – people like to belong, share values and morals
  • Shared activities – do activities together and have fun such as socialising and playing sport
  • Acceptance – while sharing some things, you also respect, values and understands individuality and uniqueness
  • Support – help, encourage, reassure and look after each other
  • Commitment – each others well-being is a priority for all
  • Resilience – you can survive adversity and bounce back
  • Establish routines – that support spending time together

Some great skills to work on in our relationships, developing them would have to bring positive outcomes. How are your relationships going, could you adopt a few more of the ideas above?