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The Dad documentary


In May 2013,  a Dad desperate to spend more time with his children asked me to research the injustices within the Australian Family Court and The Child Support Agency.

I couldn’t believe this worldwide problem was buried so deep, one which affects every person, young and old and is detrimental to our future, the cornerstone of society – family.

Parents all over the world are being alienated from their children, costing society millions and increasing the rates of depression and suicide.

Our Family Law system is “grossly overstretched”, court orders are not enforced and there are no repercussions for perjury.

Is our current judical system really working in the ‘best interest of the children’

Directed & produced by: Karen Hodgkins
Virtual Reality Media

Note: There will be campaigns run around Australia, I will keep you updated once we know their plans, dates and locations.


  1. paul halpin says:

    4 years now without any contact from my son’s
    Their mother works in the system and has lied and deceived like a pro, used a system and friends working within it to take everything……..
    How can you call yourself a parent and deliberately hurting your own children to get even with your ex
    As a woman she can lie and it’s real
    Yet for years I spoke to doctors and relationships Australia councillors about the abuse my kids and I lived under
    Without any action or help !
    And as a white 40 plus year old man under the piles of lies and a system designed to be used by liars
    I am screwed !
    Four years without my sons and counting
    How the fuck is that fair ???
    She lies
    And my sons and I pay …

    • Norah says:

      Why does she need to “get even”? What did you do? I don’t believe that there are very many people vindictive for no reason (of course there are some). I know men who have cheated and tried to replace their children’s mother with a tart, and those women absolutely would prefer their children never see him as a role model. I know women who have been beaten and the courts have forced them to allow contact which runs a daily risk the kids will be next (and even if they’re never hit it sets a dreadful example that violent men have an influence over any children at all even their own). I am the child of a cheating narcissist. My mother insisted I have contact with him, wanted me to have a relationship with him, never talked badly about him. I wish she had. I wish I’d known the truth and never been sucked into his narcissism even for the years until I was 16. Because by then the damage was done. Try as I might to pick partners who are the opposite of him I find they always turn out to have his charm and I fall for that. Had I never known him I might not have had such terrible partners because I would never have loved a man with such superficial traits. Not all kids are better off knowing their fathers. Or mothers in some cases. Family law needs to abandon the idea that the child’s right is contact with both parents. Sometimes the child’s right is a life free of bad influences even if one of those is a parent of either sex.