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Rules for kicking ass in 2016

To have a great 2016 or any year for that matter, there needs to be some operating instructions. Below is some of the best rules (instructions) I have seen and if you live by them. Call me crazy but you WILL SUCCEED 🙂

  1. See failure as a beginning, not an end and don’t stop

  2. If you don’t go after it, you wont have it

  3. Always do more than is expected of you

  4. Teach others what you know and be appreciative of people who share knowledge with you

  5. Assume nothing and question everything, the most successful people are inquisitive

  6. Make peace with the past or you’ll pay for it

  7. Stop thinking so much and start acting

  8. Never compare yourself to others

Rules for kicking ass in 2016

Never compare yourself to others, you have amazing qualities too.