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Reconnecting after absence

Reconnecting after absence I found sometimes tricky, all I wanted was to pick up my daughter and start the weekend exactly where we left off (a fortnight ago) I was excited!

On occasion this was possible,  depending on what age she was at there were other factors. If it was early ages, I found sometimes that she would be quiet for a while and would not talk much other than yes/no. I had lots of practice asking non polar questions i.e. what was the best thing you did this week with your friends? or What books have you been reading lately?  and which one do you like the best?

There are reasons for quietness, things like: being tired, quiet for quiet sake, your ex has been verbally bashing you in earshot of the children (very uncool) so they feel conflicted, they need a little time to reconnect and sometimes they are confused.

It was always a non pressure time though, we just took our time and I spoke of what I’d been up to, things we might do over the weekend and it seemed to warm up.  What are your experiences?


  1. As a daughter of divorced parents, I know how your daughter feels. She is probably angry with you because you are not there for her all the time. If you see her regularly she will get over this eventually but in the meantime, distraction as you have discovered, works well.
    It is tempting to let the discipline slip when you don’t see her every day, however she still needs you to set the boundaries you have always set.

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