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Merry Christmas Dads and look after yourself

Merry Christmas Dads1 week away from Christmas celebrations and it is a happy time for some dads and awkward and lonely for others.

We don’t need to explain happy, the happy we know and it will come again, it’s the thoughts of what we are missing out on today that can get us down. We can’t escape it, everywhere we turn we see media depicting happy families enjoying Christmas dinner or going on holidays. Your co-workers talk about what they’re buying the kids and where they’re taking them for the holidays.

There are some dads that still don’t know if they will see their kids on Christmas day or even over the Christmas / New Year period?

If this is you…

It’s important to manage your expectations and acknowledge and accept that it may not be how you dreamed it to be.

If you find yourself on your own for Christmas, remember it is temporary and does not mean that all Christmas’s will be like this. Things happen, things get better and then you’re back enjoying life again.

Its a time to treat yourself well and make yourself number one, plan in advance some things you like to do and do them. Get out and about, even if it is a long walk each day.

Lifeline Australia CEO Pete Shmigel highlights the importance of looking after ourselves during the festive season and offers some practical advise for people that might be doing it tough.


  • Tell someone. A trusted friend or family members, your GP, counsellor, or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.
  • Look after yourself physically. If you look after your body, your mind will feel better too.
  • Get out and about. Regular outings for social functions, exercise, reconnecting with friends and family and being outdoors can often help.
  • Volunteer. Helping others is a great way to help yourself and feel more connected.
  • Connect or reconnect with friends and family. Staying in touch with loved ones can help to prevent loneliness. If they don’t live nearby, technology can help you stay in touch over long distances.
  • Be kind to yourself. It is not unusual to feel stressed at this time of year, many people do. If you are feeling down or experiencing loneliness this Christmas, seek help to feel better.
  • Contact Lifeline. Our 13 11 14 crisis line or nightly online Crisis Support Chat services are available over the festive season if you are feeling lonely or isolated.

Our best wishes to you in 2016