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Is this just egotistical, and can courts over rule?

Is this just egotistical and can courts over ruleOften we get asked interesting questions, so we nicely ask our professional friends of Dads Online to help provide answers to them. Remember this is not official legal advise as everyone’s situation is different, it is only an experts opinion based upon the information we have. All names and identifying remarks have been omitted.

Question: My 5 year old daughters last name is my name – mums name. However, last year, mum got remarried and wants to change the name to her new married name. I say no, as step dad has no rights to my daughter and isn’t her guardian. There is a long backstory of this behavior and thoughts from stepdad being forced on me. Is this just egotistical, and can courts over rule?

Answer: Its not egotistical, its is a very normal reaction that would upset most Dads. Theoretically, a court could decide in favour of a name change if there is a good argument for it. Depends on whether the mum chooses to initiate proceedings in the Court to try to obtain same. Your daughters name can not be changed unless the mum takes this action and is successful?