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If you going through a tough patch, make some time for your Body, Skin, Hair and Mind

make time for you body hair skin mindSpending time on your personal grooming can help you feel better – physically and emotionally. And feeling better can give you strength. Lets face it, there are many things that can put pebbles on your path – and we all know the occasional boulder 🙂

Don’t let them get you down or let them prevent you from getting out and enjoying life.

You might be invited to a family event, a friends BBQ, a date? or to the footy. Whatever you have on, don’t stay at home because you don’t feel good or quiet yourself. In fact, health experts agree that making an intentional effort to look after yourself will bring about both health and happiness if you just stick at it. Some tips to get you started and back on the happy are:

Yes, that’s exercise. Working out can decrease stress, increase energy and definitely loose some weight. It’s always a great idea to check into your doctor for a chat about what your going to do and get all the regular tests done. That in itself can give you peace of mind.

Us blokes get into lifetime habits, if you have always washed with the same soap, maybe its time to change to something more sensitive to skin. If you were to ask around there are so many of us already onto it. We are using a gentle face wash, we don’t scrub like we are trying to take oil of the driveway. Treat your skin with respect. Remember skin loves moisturiser and hydration.

I started losing my hair in my twenties, I went from combing it every day and using “Uppercut” products made by Uppercut Deluxe Australia, I thought I was the coolest guy in my suburb to having it clipper-ed short every other week, i was still happy. I started with a number 3 a year later went No.2, then 1 and now its a full shave every 2 days. Lets face it, hair on your head (or without) or on your face represents who you are, its your trademark…it’s your brand! It gives you a look that people can make assumptions on. Are you Conservative, Formal, Rock star, Hipster or just however it falls? Take the hair quiz and find out a little more about what your hair really represents, click here: which facial hair style best sums your up?. Check out Uppercut deluxe video:

I recommend use a barber and get some of this product, it will make you feel good 🙂

You must find a way to relax your mind. Look for peaceful things to do, quiet times and times where you can be just on your own. Try massage therapy or even a simple head and shoulder massage at one of the many that are now located in our local markets around town. Unwind with some music or guided meditation. Other techniques such as yoga, deep breathing and meditation may also be useful: discuss the options with your doctor when you book that appointment.