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How to help a hangover

how to help a hangoverWe have all been there, had a big night and will pay for it the next day! There are a few tips that we can share to help you feel better the next day. These tips have been tested and voted the best defense against a hangover…

  1. Before heading out, take an Asprin which will prevent the blood from coagulating which is a cause of headache.
  2. Drink glasses of water during the night and before going to bed, this will counteract the effects of dehydration which is another cause of hangover – Sports drinks with no caffeine also help replace the electrolytes that the alcohol has flushed away.
  3. Sleep in  because times helps heal hangover and you might as well be asleep while your bod is healing.
  4. Have something to eat, you might not feel very hungry but a small snack on a banana or apple or a general vitamin pill will help bring back your potassium and magnesium levels back up.
  5. Have some coffee or tea to help esrict the capillaries in your head to reduce headache.
  6. Wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and place them over your eyes for fifteen minutes, this will reduce the puffiness.
  7. Go for a walk and allow your body to pump out the alcohol and toxins.
  8. Call every person you may have offended and apologise, it wont make you feel physically better but you might mend some important bridges.

If your hangover is as extreme as these boys I don’t think there is anything that can help you 🙂 See below video of them waking up after a huge night out in Bangkok.

How to NOT get drunk at formal functions in the first place?

Many politicians have a knack of attending many functions & events, mingling with party guests and never getting drunk? how do they do it? There are a couple of tricks up there sleeve…

  1. Choosing an alternative drink such as a soda water, dash of bitter and a twist of lemon can look like a mix drink.
  2. Having an intense drink such as bourbon on the rocks can last half the night forcing you to sip it whilst everyone else guzzles.

Lets learn from the professionals, enjoy your night 🙂


  1. Adam says:

    Throwing yourself in a body of water is my favourite thing to do. The ocean, the local swimming pool etc.. The colder, the better! Stop drinking an hour or two before going to bed helps also 🙂