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How important is spending time together?

what was the cause of your relationship breakdownExtremely!…After receiving 85 votes in our recent poll, the results are in. The top reasons why relationships have broken down are:

  1. Lack of time spent together
  2. Infidelity
  3. Money

Lets focus on “Lack of time spent together” in this post, the rest we will cover in a follow up later.

It appears that many partners have not provided enough time for each other, this in the end will cause withdrawal and a disconnect. Without time spent “together” how can one develop love and feel loved. Knowing this in advance hopefully changes the course for some people who may have had a tendency to work more and go out with their friends more rather than spend time with their partner?

It is obviously a recipe for disaster so the easy answer is – Don’t be the cause for your partners emotional discomfort or unhappiness, work at dedicating time together and you will reap the rewards.

  • Invest time in your friendship with your partner
  • Schedule time i.e. date night, date weekends
  • Share household duties i.e. cleaning, put kids to bed
  • Cook a meal for your partner regularly
  • Go to bed together early
  • Operate as a team
  • If you are off track, get help early.
  • Don’t leave it until it is broken.

Its very important to spend time alone together. Meeting each others emotional and physical needs is more important than meeting your children’s. Your children will not even realise (let alone remember) you have put them to bed early so that you can spent time with your partner. They wont even miss you if you get a competent baby sitter (all that carry on when you are leaving is emotional blackmail) Just Goooo.

You have to keep that spark alive to a certain degree.  Do you remember when you first met? How you put things aside to be with each other. What if you brought along your children to every date…how boring! How long would that last. Make each other a priority and the rest will take care of its self.

Stay tuned for our discussion on Infidelity…coming soon.