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Getting your funny bone back

Happiness is different for each of us. For example, I went to the comedy festival recently with my GF and during the show, she turned to me and said “Didn’t you find that funny” I said…

I did but I was laughing inside LOL  🙂

It made me think…It is much more engaging to laugh on the outside and show the world you are outwardly happy. It’s hard to tell from the outside if someone is happy or sad or even just neutral? But as we know,  going through divorce or separation with children can slap the smile off any Dad’s face.  Over time some of us become a little more “serious”  and it takes a lot more that Dave Hughes, Judith Lucy, Julia Morris or Wil Andreson to make you laugh.

Happiness is something I feel we need to practise and continually work at so we don’t loose our funny bone 🙂 I always admire people who are quick to laugh and find funny in the smallest moments.

Here are some practical ideas to work on that can help you find your sense of humour and happy-bone back.
smiling DadIf it’s worth a smile then SMILE everytime, same goes for a laugh.



plan a trip dadPlan a trip of any sort and get away.



meditating dadMeditate and rewire your brain to accept happiness



helping others dadDedicate some time during the week helping others, a great way is to join a charity group, they always love volunteers.

exercise dadExercise 3 times a week, its takes discipline but its worth it.



walking dadGet out and walk and breath in that oxygen as much as you can



gratitude dadHave gratitude for even the little things



work close to home dadIf it is at all possible move closer to work.



spend time with a friend dadHang out with a friend that is positive and enhances your life.



Playing an instrument dadLearn to play guitar or an instrument you like the sound of.



sleeping dadSleep and rest, Go to bed early and sleep-in when you can.



Go on, practise a few of these and be intentional about doing them, you will see change and after a while people will notice a sense of fun about you or at-least a few more smiles 🙂 :