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Dads don’t stop PDOA

Dads dont stop PDOAA fathers open and public display of affection should not be hidden away or confined to the inside of their house. You would have all heard about a women that left her common sense at home the other day and took a photo of a man taking a selfie and posted it on her Facebook page labeling him a sex predator! WT?

What ever happened to walking up to him and asking…

Can I ask what are you taking photos off and even asking to have a look?

before jumping to conclusions because of your own stupid insecurities. There is a better way to approach a situation first.

Strangers are everywhere, they are both women and men. We walk past them everyday, its the ones that hang around and look suspicious that draws our attention, normally there is “something” strange about their behaviour or their look. If your going to be hyper sensitive about men then make sure you have your facts right and don’t jump to conclusions in a split second.

I ask myself why is this happening? I’m hoping it is an isolated situation but I think it’s terrible cases like William Tyrell that challenge our peace of mind and feeling of security for our children.

I have a young daughter who I will be taking to the footy this weekend, I will be catching public transport, walking with my arm on her shoulder, possibly even holding hands and I’m guaranteed of having Public Displays Of Affection.

Lets not stop being affectionate to our children in public, if anyone has an issue its their problem not ours and if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to ask me before you unjustly smash my reputation across social media.