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Cutting costs – 3 Ways to keep down your home bills

cut costsBills are some of the biggest financial strains that people have to deal with week to week. Most people have to deal with more than a few different kinds of utility bills. The biggest problem people have with bills is the fact you cannot really do anything about them. You need your utilities so you need to pay your bills, but there are some methods to lower the amount you are paying week to week. These are the top three you can manage. Every method you take is money in your pocket. Money you need more than they do.


Solar Power

Solar power seems like it wouldn’t be worth it and in the short term it isn’t, however in the long term there are very few better ideas. For the cost of a few simple and basic installations you can get most of your power bill cut off. The government reimburses you for any power the solar generators make and if you make enough you can even turn a small profit. At very least, this will cut your power bill into manageable pieces. A good cost cutting measure if you are willing to go the distance.


Water Tank

A rainwater tank is one of the easiest and most effective cost cutting measures readily available. A simple tank designed to catch any excess rain and run it into your own system, dissolving any external need for washing or drinking water. For the cost of the tank, a water filtration system and the occasional maintenance cost, you can save thousands of dollars in the long term. Water tanks are available in a range of sizes and types that will suit your aesthetic and water supply needs.


Shop Around for Utilities

Water and power and pretty much non-neogotiable, there are only a few water companies and Energex is pretty much the only option for power, but when it comes to other services, PayTV, phone, internet, all of these things are markets and like all markets they are negotiable. They can, with a little research and effort, be reduced. Taking advantage of special offers, playing the companies off against each other and only paying for what you actually use can cut your bills down to something manageable. Get out there and look around, you might find what you need.


Cutting costs is one of the most important things you can do to keep a stable financial situations and keeping your weekly costs down is a big part of that. Taking these steps and a few more will allow you to have a little extra spending money in your pocket every week, or to use your savings to pick up that big luxury purchase down the track. With a little extra thought and effort you can get what you need.