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Can PTSD be a symptom of divorce

can-ptsd-be-linked-to-divorceI do believe that the stress and grief cause through separation and divorce can result in PTSD.  To understand this we first need to know what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is? It is a mental illness or mental disorder which is a diagnosable illness that affects  a person thinking, emotional state and behaviour, and disrupts the persons ability to work or carry out other daily activities. Are you starting to think there could be a connection? keep reading…

How do you know if you are suffering from PTSD?

  • You still feel very upset or fearful after witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event
  • You are unable to escape intense, or depressing feelings
  • Your important relationships are suffering because of the trauma (e.g  you withdraw from their family or friends)
  • You feel jumpy or have nightmares because or about the trauma
  • You cant stop thinking about the trauma
  • You are unable to enjoy life at all because of the trauma
  • Your post traumatic symptoms are interfering with their usual activities

We clearly know the emotional upset that is associated with separation & divorce. The unknown future, financial hardship, loss of friends, unable to be a full time dad, juggling work and parenting, If you have a selfish ex-wife that doesn’t value fatherhood and uses the kids to cause you emotional pain and makes you fight for contact. All of these traumatic events if not resolved can in the long term result in prolonged PTSD and there needs to be professional intervention.

You must speak up and if you feel your happiness levels are not where they should be, see your local GP for a referral service that can help.

If you feel someone you know is suffering PTSD, talk to them and LISTEN in a caring and non judgmental way. You shouldn’t force a person to talk if they don’t want to but encourage them to seek professional help. If the person is experiencing a personal crisis they should call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or encourage them to see their local GP.

Young man relaxing on the grassYour life does not need to be out of sorts or unhappy or feelings of hopelessness.

Once you make a positive and intentional effort to correct your mental health, their can be a wonderful life not far away.