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How to overcome the barriers and prioritise mens health

Let’s talk about Men’s Health, it’s the week for it, and something we should always keep top of mind. It’s important to prioritise our health. By doing so we are a better version of ourself to our families, our children, our partners, our friends and… ourself. If you’re like me, I like myself much better when I’m feeling healthy.

Unfortunately for some men, there are barriers preventing them from having a healthy body and mind.

The barriers are:

  1. Hoping it’s not an issue?
    •  We might deny there’s a health issue because we think whatever is going on is no big deal, our symptoms are just a part of getting older, or it’s simply a case of mind over matter. When we miss the opportunity to act early, minor issues can become much bigger.
  2. Taking to long to do something about it
    •  We can often wait and see if it will go away on its own and put off seeking health information until an issue is interfering with daily life.
  3. Worried that asking for help is perceived as weak
    •  There’s nothing weak or soft about seeking out health information and support. Health issues happen to everyone and speaking up about them is the strongest thing you can do.
  4. Having Trouble Talking about your health
    •  Feeling nervous or embarrassed about starting a conversation can be a barrier to getting the support you need. Whether it’s with your partner or a health professional, it can be tough to speak up about health concerns but it’s important to take the first step to get the help you need. Remember, your doctor is there to help and there’s nothing they haven’t heard or seen before.
  5. Not sure what information to trust
    •  When seeking health advice the best thing you can do is put your trust in the experts – reputable, science-backed online providers, your GP or other health professionals.

What do you do to ensure you have good health? Is it time for a health check?